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Action items. Disguise Kit. Jonathan Crane, alias the Scarecrow, was once a respected professor but is now simply another inmate at Arkham Asylum. He later assists the crime lord in manufacturing a new recreational drug called "Thrill," which caught the attentions of Oracle and Batgirl. The Scarecrow uses his fear gas on Batgirl but she shows enough will to break through it eventually he is defeated by Batgirl and once again arrested. Scarecrow briefly appears in the fourth issue of the Blackest Night storyline.

His immunity to fear brought about by frequent exposure to his own fear gas renders him practically invincible to the invading Black Lanterns. However, his current status of fearlessness has taken a further toll on his sanity, exacerbated by the long disappearance of Batman: he craves for fear, exposing himself deliberately to the revenant army, but knowing that only Batman could scare him again. Scarecrow appears again in Blackest Night 6. When Ganthet creates duplicates of the seven Lantern Corps rings, Scarecrow is chosen by the yellow ring because of his ability to instill great fear, and becomes a temporary member of the Sinestro Corps.

He was soon elected to be the Sinestro of Sector Overjoyed at finally being able to feel fear, Scarecrow gleefully and without question follows the commands of Sinestro. For a time, he willingly did his duty, and even assisted against the Black Lanterns, personally attacking Black Hand. His joy is cut short, however, when Lex Luthor, overwhelmed by the orange light of greed, steals his yellow power ring. Some time later during the events of Brightest Day , Scarecrow begins kidnapping and murdering college interns working for LexCorp as a way of getting back at Luthor for stealing his ring.

When Robin and Supergirl attempt to stop his plans, Scarecrow unleashes a new fear toxin that is powerful enough to affect a Kryptonian.

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The toxin forces Supergirl to see visions of a Black Lantern Reactron, but she is able to snap out of the illusion and help Robin defeat Scarecrow. He is eventually freed from Arkham when Deathstroke and the Titans break into the asylum in order to capture one of the inmates. Scarecrow briefly appears in Batman and Robin 25, he was going to gas Gotham with his Fear Toxin but Batman stopped him before he was able to fulfill his plans.

Weaponry : He is skilled with farming tools so he tends to use pitchforks, sickles, and scythes. Occasionally, he uses firearms.


He proves to be very capable in manipulating the light of fear to create constructs, until his ring is stolen by Lex Luthor. Transformation formerly : After some genetic manipulation done to him secretly by Dr. Linda Friitawa also known as the criminal " Fright " ,Scarecrow gains the ability to turn into a large monster with greatly enhanced strength, endurance, and a fear gas he naturally emits.

However, he has to be under physical strain or duress to transform. Anxiety Disorder : Crane once suffered from corvidophobia fear of crows after being attacked by a murder of crows at his family aviary. He managed to overcome this somehow and is often seen with a crow named Craw. Since his first encounter with Batman, he developed chiropteraphobia fear of bats.

Obsession : Motivated by an obsessive need to create fear in others, Scarecrow goes from using the primal emotion as a weapon to the point where he preaches it. His targets have become more specific as he is after the jocks who used to torment him in school. He is about to kill a former football player when vampire Batman appears, brutally noting that Scarecrow is almost worse than him; he now has no choice but to kill, but Scarecrow has a choice and yet he chose to prey on innocents.

Scarecrow blubbers that his victims were not innocent and that they tormented him and scared him. Batman grabs Scarecrow's vial of fear gas, crushing it along with Crane's hand, stating that Crane has no idea what fear is as he uses Crane's own sickle to cut off his head. Crane's fate in the DC animated universe is revealed in the Batman Beyond comic storyline where it is mentioned that Scarecrow actually retired from a life of crime and spent the last ten years of his life writing out experiments before dying of illness.

He was also featured in the DC vs. Marvel crossover where he temporarily allies with his Marvel universe equivalent to capture Lois Lane before they are both defeated by Ben Reilly.

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This causes Sloane to return to the field as Mr. Terrific and kills the Scarecrow. In the Flashpoint story arc, Scarecrow was one of the many villains who was killed by Batman Thomas Wayne. Scarecrone also acts as a stand-in for Two-Face. She has the power to invade a person's psyche and make their deepest fears appear as illusions simply by touching them. The two personalities are actually extremely antagonistic towards each other.

It's revealed that when the formula brings out Scarecrone the right side of her face becomes heavily scarred.

This scarring is healed once the formula wears off and the Jenna Clarke personality becomes dominant again. Scarecrow is featured in the twelve-part miniseries Justice , as part of the Legion of Doom. He was one of the many villains who turned society against the Justice League through his medical expertise, and is shown injecting a girl with a serum allowing her to walk.

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  • The two are successful in incapacitating the two, but fail to kill them. When the League launches an attack on the Legion's base, he attacks the JLA once again, but after a long battle, is one of five villains to escape the League. Crane is later attacked by the Joker, who had also been attacking the Legion of Doom as an independent power out of jealously for not having been invited into the Legion in the first place.

    Filmations series episode The Great Scarecrow Scare was the character's first appearance in any kind of outside media. Scarecrow uses a " fear transmitter " to induce a vision of the murder of Batman's parents in The Fear episode. This was the first time the characters origin was shown in any kind of outside media, predating the movie by four years. According to Bruce Timm , Scarecrow was meant to appear in Justice League Unlimited as part of the show's version of the Legion of Doom, but due to The Batman which was set outside the DCAU Scarecrow, along with the most major Batman villains Deadshot was the only well-known Batman villain, which mainly obscured enemies who had escaped the ban were banned from appearing.

    He teamed up with Scream Queen in an attempt to cause full panic on All Hallows Eve more commonly known as Halloween by placing Fear Gas-filled pumpkins all over town. Scarecrow faced Batman in combat while his pumpkins were all scooped up by The Flash. Scarecrow was defeated when Batman and Flash buried him in a pile of his Fear Gas-induced pumpkins. Scarecrow also made a brief cameo appearance in the episode "Night of the Huntress" among the other prisoners at Blackgate Penitentiary.

    He was seen wearing a prisoner uniform, yet still wore his traditional mask and hat. Scarecrow made cameos in the film alongside the other Batman villains and was voiced by Jason Mantzoukas. He dressed up like a Pizza Delivery Man and breathed Fear Gas onto a security guard in order to break into the Gotham City reactor core. The Scarecrow himself never mentioned nor ever appeared in the show's entire three year run.

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    Scarecrow's Fear Gas was meant to resurrect the The Joker. Any specific details about Crane, including his motives, appearance, or role in the film were unknown, but, according to Joel Schumacher , actors Nicolas Cage and Steve Buscemi were the most likely candidates for the role. The character was dropped from the shooting script. Fields, as a boss for the hero storyline. He used Fear Gas to create multiple, smaller, and weaker versions of Killer Croc.

    The scarecrow master of Shikoku, Japan

    Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. His scarecrow costume, lanky appearance and surname were inspired by Ichabod Crane of the horror fable "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow".