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Unexpected Connections
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She has been a sex educator for over 10 years and is a spiritual practitioner from Interlight Ministries. She is contracted often as a panel facilitator and professional speaker on a range of topics including spirituality, feminism, racism, art and activism.

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He serves as an academic counselor, retention specialist and lecturer, focusing on educational equity and campus climate issues. He is also a staff writer at On Comics Ground, a comic news and review site. Lastly, he is pursuing his doctorate in Higher Education Leadership at Azusa Pacific University, his work focuses on critical race theory, educational equity, sense of belonging, and Black student thriving.

Karen Okonkwo x Jeff Staple Unexpected Connections 2018

A space where communities come together and anything goes. Abbott Square Market will be open, please feel free to pop over for a drink before, during, or after as well. Getting high can inhibit functionality, but can also lead to new realizations and perspectives that might not have been possible without the assistance of psychedelics.

This episode explores whether psychedelics can create greater awareness in individuals about the world and be a form of insightful self-abandonment.

The Power of Unexpected Connection

The role of A. But how will it affect particular industries such as comedy? Shout out to Roy Choi for keeping attendees fed with his delicious Locol food truck as well! Technologist and academic, among other things, John Maeda appeared via hologram to deliver a resounding talk about how going out of your comfort zone can take you out of your element and inspire more creativity— it just requires us to be more open to be uncomfortable a bit and flexible, even if its by going out and meeting new people.

So many great soundbites from John C.

The 11 Best Soundbites from Unexpected Connections | OC Weekly

Jay has had enviable access to youth and street culture by keeping his ear to the ground and finding some of the most unique and forward-thinking artists, including Kanye West, mostly through happenstance and serendipity. Part of his success in his field is due to being open and curious— the Internet has been responsible for the decline in curiosity, Jay said. Critics and tastemakers will still be relevant in the growing information age, if they stay open and curious about finding new things and making connections.

Its a question that gets asked less and less. In conversation with Eugene Kan and Jason Mayden about the role of science in creativity, tattooer Jun Cha answered a question about how to push through creative walls and how to build discipline. It may not build results immediately, in fact it might suck, but the more you do it, the more you learn. This way you build resistance to that creative wall and poor discipline.

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