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I just installed the Iridium GO! Midway between Auckland and Savu Savu, Fiji we were sailing along brilliantly at a very nice 8 knots broad reaching in kts. It was one of the best sailing nights we have had in a very long time. The wind settled down and stayed in the predicted range. Without Predictwind and the GO! We were tracked by friends, we had great email abilities and SOS features that has raised the bar again on offshore safety. Every morning at 6. It offered four different routes enabling me to make a decision about the course I would choose to match the angle of the wind.

It was the same every evening at Using the communicator also offered me the opportunity to keep in touch with my family via email. It is an easy to use but precise and performance solution. On our Club-owned Yacht it is very important to cover the spectrum from offshore races to ambitious cruises. With an expensive Satellite connection we need to adjust the downloaded data exactly to our needs and at the right time.

We waited a long time for a solution like this…. Congrats to your development team. We purchased an Iridium Go! Our yacht Tramontana is a 54ft Atkinson centre cockpit mono hull, built of strip-planked western red cedar, and home for the past six years. Jon Bilger and his crew at PredictWind went above and beyond expectations in helping us install and operate the software, and to be able to use it effectively.

They seemed to be at the end of an email—or even a telephone—any day of the week, and even late at night. We found PredictWind to be fantastic for choosing a sailing route, finding the best winds and avoiding the unpleasant stuff. When we sailed non-stop from Brisbane to Sydney, we followed the suggested route about nm offshore, which set us up for a fast and comfortable run to Sydney, avoiding the worst of the squalls playing around at the time.

We heartily recommend PredictWind to other offshore sailors. Combined with the Iridium Go! My family spent vocations in Buzios, an area known for its beautiful beaches, but also for its strong winds. We used PredictWind to pick the best days for sailing and never had a surprise. It removed the element of uncertainty and provided the peace of mind I could never have in that area.

Family Has Been Sailing Around The World Non-Stop For 9 Years

What a great tool! We enjoyed 13 hours of pure sailing pleasure and used the engine only for the last miles. Needless to say, conditions were adverse the next days… as predicted. The animated display, with timed maps using colors for expected wind speed range and arrows for expected wind direction, is perfect for optimal route planning and departure timing.

Detailed and reliable weather information improves safety, speed, cost and FUN! One thing I can predict: sailors will become addicted to this tool. Having cruised the Sea of Cortez and Mainland Mexico for a decade now, weather predictions were always a combination of short wave forecasts, locals VHF nets and local knowledge from fisherman, no longer.

Predictwind accurately, and in a visual format, gives me the wind speed and direction in just minutes. Being able to see the wind develop, hourly, and planning your route has saved me many hours on crossings. Seeing the wind conditions for the next 5 day forecasts has greatly improved my sailing planning and experience. For us, safety at sea is an overriding precursor to having fun on the water. Access to accurate weather information is vital.

We have been impressed with the quality and accuracy of the PredictWind site. However the problem with internet based weather services, is gaining access when you are in a bay with no internet coverage. We decided the 3G communicator was the right choice for our needs, and have found it has exceeded our expectations. We have been tucked away in secluded bays with no cell phone signal — but still had a strong broadband signal. Very impressive indeed! The boat tracking function is a fantastic feature of the communicator. The boats position is tracked on the PredictWind site and available to family or friends who can monitor the boats progress on any given passage — a great safety feature.

I sail around the Queensland Gold Coast region Australia cruising and doing local offshore races. I have used most of the available weather forecasts, but have found Predictwind accurate time and time again. This year travelling north had a PredictWind report showing a change coming through at 1am from NE 5kts to South 30 — 40kts, I managed to find shelter 50nm offshore at the Percy Islands. Right on schedule in came the change, unfortunately a charter fishing boat with 30 people on board 20nm to my east was not so lucky to have this information and went down on Swains Reef, all were rescued.

Other programs had suggested the changes might come in overnight, but none had predicted the ferocity of the change or was able to give an accurate time frame. PredictWind was right on the money. I definitely feel safe using PredictWind and find the accuracy remarkable. I am constantly telling my sailing friends and associates that it is by far the most accurate wind forecasting that I have found and, as a someone with limited free time to sail in a dynamic weather environment, I have looked hard.

Even more important than tactical and routing uses, PredictWind became my primary weather planner as hurricanes approached the Northeast US Earl last year and Irene this year. Budget constraints keep me from hauling my boat for false alarms and the wind forecasts as both storms approached helped me to make the most prudent and informed decisions. In , we sold the house, bought our Southerly 35RS and in , we set sail for the Mediterranean. Since then, my wife and I have spent 4 wonderful years cruising the coasts of France, Italy, Turkey and particularly Greece.

We take a very keen interest in the weather to keep ourselves both safe and comfortable. The winds in the Mediterranean are generally not driven by nice predictable and visible depressions, but by thermal factors and blow without warning from a clear blue sky. The Meltemi, which covers most of the Aegean, can easily blow at force for days or even weeks at a time. The Mistral in France and Bora in the Adriatic are similar. The very mountainous nature of Greece and many of the other countries bordering the Northern shore of the Med makes the weather very local. Valleys, Islands and Peaks can and do make huge changes to the wind.

Going from F3 to F6 and back within 2 miles is not unusual. While experience helps, this is where PredictWind comes into its own. Unlike all other systems I have seen, it predicts these local winds surprisingly accurately particularly where the 1km forecasts are available. I found the PredictWind program to be absolutely critical in giving me the right information to ensure that I kept both myself and my boat safe at all times. I would not go to sea without it. Maurice is a yachtsman, builder, husband and father.

He has campaigned three keelboats in offshore races both in Tasmania and Victoria to win ocean races in all three. Some of his notable performances include winning the Melbourne to Hobart and surviving the storm ravaged Sydney to Hobart yacht race. Every sailor deserves the tools that PredictWind offers. I use it for my racing, cruising, kiting, and even surfing. The weather forecasts are a must, the online routing software makes passage making a pleasure, and the worldwide accuracy is truly amazing. When routing, I put my cruising boats polars into the PredictWind website and I can avoid storms, upwind sailing, and plan our passages with ease and comfort.

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This has saved us time and money allowing us to cruise year round while continuing to race sailboats professionally. It should be no surprise that my best year racing was the first year I started using predictwind. I have circumnavigated the world two times. In addition, as a sailing instructor of 43 years I have helped to graduate Captains. I show every student the PredictWind forecast before we sail. It makes my job enjoyable as I can see that my students understand it very quickly and without any difficulties. When we were planning our circumnavigation of NZ in our yacht Indian Summer , a reliable means of communication and weather forecasting in the remote areas of Fiordland and Stewart Island and on the off shore parts of the trip where cellphone coverage is not available was a priority.

The system has proved to be very reliable, costs are reasonable and it has lived up to our expectations with communication available 24hrs. The unexpected bonus has been the interest that has been generated by the tracker with a lot of people following our progress. The tracker has also given peace of mind to our families at home. The support we have received from the PredictWind people has been excellent and we have had very prompt replies to any queries we may have. Before we were using PredictWind, we found we were driving to a location on a good weather window and the weather would be rubbish.

Our underwater camera man captures fish in their natural environment, so he is using it also on a daily basis, and then the filming crew, Nathan, and I, use the site to find weather windows up and down the country and it plans our fishing time table. PredictWind would have paid for itself 10 times over for us, and it pretty much decides the days we film.

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Thanks for the brilliant app. To date it has been the most reliable. Helps tremendously when planning a fishing trip in what can be very dangerous waters. On Saturday we just got off the water and to a sheltered bay before this storm hit, thanks to your predictions. As soon as PredictWind went online I have been hooked! It has been fantastic to have a website that covers all the top spots to ride and so accurately. I used to get so frustrated with wind predictions that were over forecasting and never delivering!! PredictWind has allowed us to score all the right spots at the right time in the last few months.

Being able to access graphs that show all of my favourite beaches forecasts at once has made planning a great day on the water so easy, whether it be freestyle or speed kiting. None of the other wind forecast services calculate the local thermal conditions, which effect the wind. PredictWind is a great tool for me. It allows me to quickly and easily access forecasts just about anywhere in the world. The information is reliable and it is great to be able to get data on wind speeds, temperature, wave heights and cloud cover all from the same website and presented in a variety of different forms.

It helped me to implement efficient strategy in advance, despite having on the water lack of coaching support. Andreas Kosmatopoulos B. Physical Education M. Olympic Studies World Champion 5 times Olympian. When routing, I put my cruising boats polars into the predict wind website and I can avoid storms, upwind sailing, and plan our passages with ease and comfort.

The two independent PredictWind models came into their own in the light variable sea breeze days when often one model would nail the situation compared to our other data sources. We were top around every top mark. This set up each of our top 10 finishes in every race. In the lead up to Etchell Worlds we sought a more localised and concise form of weather forecast, and we decided on PredictWind after an initial test period. The 1km weather model downloads were a daily part of our race preparation, and we found the accuracy of the text files invaluable, you are not bombarded with excessive information and have clear options to help with race strategy for that day.

PredictWind, without a word of a lie, was absolutely fantastic! It was incredibly accurate here and very instrumental in how well I went. I tuned in every morning to it and it gave me a lot of confidence in picking which side of the beats to work in every race. I have started using PredictWind for all my racing this season and it has proven time and time again to be very accurate.

I find PredictWind as good if not better than any weather service out there. Its easy to use and visually easy to understand. We know that a large portion of the fleet used the program and I imagine that you will be well rewarded for your support. As a former yacht racing navigator for 35 years, the process of obtaining precise wind information has always been at the core of my planning and execution, of course.

Now, as a professional Captain aboard large motor yachts, I am often frustrated with the minimal wind information available in the wheelhouse. Mast Head Units are typically mounted between two communication domes or radar scanners, for example! Do I continue down the Rhumb Line or should I close with the beach because a hard offshore is predicted at ?

With PredictWind. Owner of Horizon Navigation, a yacht and commercial vessel delivery service, Robbie Wallace has accumulated more than , miles of offshore experience. I have been fizz boating for forty years and have a healthy respect for the sea and variable conditions. My main concern is always the weather, not the temperature or rain just the wind. I am now using PredictWind as my main source of information before every trip and have been impressed with the high percentage of accuracy. I spend the summer months cruising the Great lakes and the winter months cruising the Caribbean with long deliveries in-between.

The Great Lakes are some of the toughest waters to navigate. They are known for their unpredictability and some of the most famous ship wrecks in the world! In one day we can have fog, thunderstorms and then a thermal build in the afternoon! This is my 4th year of using PredictWind. I have used professional weather routing services in the past as well as the other online weather subscription services.

The options of fastest or comfort and boat polar accurately determine where I will be with the current weather conditions and an accurate ETA. For the local weather I use the forecast graphs and forecast maps to predict safe anchorages and the best locations for our guests. Nothing compares close to PredictWind! I found this really useful during the world championships in Weymouth, August It super important not to get stuck on the wrong side of the fleet, as it was so big!

When searching wind forecasts, at locations for Kiting or Windsurfing, PredictWind is definitely on the money. It has been spot on at Port Waikato for the three 40 knots blasts we had over winter and was on the hour for the 50 knots blast at Mangawhai Heads we had late August. PredictWind has given us great confidence that we are at the right location, at the right time for the best winds. It has the wind direction before and after the cold fronts almost perfect. Predict Wind has definitely helped us this year obtain great boat speeds results.

Halfway across the ocean, his boat springs a leak and his voyage becomes a desperate struggle to survive. Filled with intelligence, bravery and humor, Sea Change is a thrilling adventure story. It is a classic tale of a man struggling to come to terms with his reckless spirit, his highest hopes, and his broken dreams. Atlantic High by William F Buckley, Jr Ostensibly the tale of his voyage across the Atlantic Ocean, this is an extended meditation on the pleasures of sailing and good company. Not surprisingly, as much thought seems to have gone into stocking the wine cellar as to charting out the route.

This is an essay on appreciation, and a chance for Buckley to share his spirited point of view and exercise his unique sense of humor. A work as hard to categorize as Buckley himself, Atlantic High offers a glimpse into the good life on the high seas. Airborne: A sentimental journey by William F Buckley, Jr A wonderful mishmash of sailing and adventure that's just an easy, fun read. WFB as he calls himself is a great storyteller and he has great stories to tell.

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And the language, the vocabulary, is exquisite. He interrupts his narrative to insert the logs of others, especially son Christopher, a wonderful but very different writer himself. And then there's this Moby Dick-style insertion of what he claims is an easy how-to on celestial navigation, which of course is far from easy. The Last Grain Race by Eric Newby In an eighteen-year-old boy signed on for the round trip from Europe to Australia in the last commercial sailing fleet to make that formidable journey.

As always, Eric Newby's sharp eye for detail captures the hardships, danger, squabbles, companionship and sheer joy of shipboard life - bedbugs, ferocious storms, eccentric Finnish crew and all. By pure chance, Eric witnessed the passing of the era of sail, and his tale is all the more significant for being the last of its kind.

Mischief in Patagonia by HW Tilman So I began thinking again of those two white blanks on the map, of penguins and humming birds, of the pampas and of gauchos, in short, of Patagonia, a place where one was told, the natives' heads steam when they eat marmalade. He would trade extremes of altitude for the romance of the sea with, at his journey's end, mountains and glaciers at a smaller scale; and the less explored they were, the better he would like it.

Within a couple of years, he had progressed from sailing a foot dinghy to his own foot pilot cutter Mischief, readied her for deep-sea voyaging, and recruited a crew for this most ambitious of private expeditions. What higher recommendation? From there they sailed up the River Seine to Paris, before threading their way through the French canal network, down the River Rhine and into the Mediterranean at Marseilles.

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In the evidence of war was commonplace. Sunken ships obstructed harbour mouths and passage planning was made hazardous by Isabel gaily throwing overboard the chart showing the position of minefields off the Italian coast. They travelled in the wake of their literary-nautical forebears aboard their modern-built gaffer, Grace O'Malley, with their children, Nicholas five and Rose three.

As conscious of curious anecdote and tragic folklore as she is of contemporary injustice and familial tension, Libby Purves evokes a fresh, rich and fascinating portrait of people and places. Joshsua Slocum spent a lifetime at sea. He ran away from his Nova Scotia home at the age of 14 and for the next 35 years he sailed the world holding every shipboard rank.

When a ship under his command was wrecked on the coast of Brazil in , it seemed that his maritime career had ended in disgrace. Not one for retiring to earthly pastures, Slocum rebuilt a hundred- year-old sloop and set off for Boston in on the first single-handed circumnavigation of the globe.

For more than three years Slocum battled stormy seas, attacks from raiders and pirates and, of course, loneliness. He crossed the Atlantic no fewer than three times, spent weeks thrashing against the elements around Cape Horn, and found shelter in numerous exotic harbours.

Sailing Alone around the World is the extraordinary story of one man's courage and resourcefulness, and has an enduring and universal appeal as a landmark of world adventure. The Accidental Sailor by Rod Heikel In Rod Heikell set off for the Mediterranean in Roulette, a foot boat that should probably have never left sheltered waters. This book records the near disasters, and highs and lows of a voyage which shaped his life in ways he never imagined.

He became the accidental sailor and developed a life-long love of sailing and exploring the seas. In he took Rozinante, a Mirror Offshore 18, down the Danube, behind the Iron Curtain to the Black Sea and Aegean, probably the longest voyages one of these tubby little craft has made. These were simple voyages on small yachts with minimal equipment that shaped what Rod was to do in ways he never envisaged. It's a mystery, an accident he is fond of saying when asked how it all started.

It is a story of amazing courage, resolution and endurance. Essential reading for all who enjoy a gripping true story, Days Adrift is an inspiring tale that has become one of the classics of the sea. Only one made it back … The Golden Globe solo, non-stop round-the-world race nine entrants, one finisher, one bizarre, tragic death continues to intrigue. It lay like a gauntlet thrown down; to sail around the world alone and non-stop. No one had ever done it, no one knew if it could be done. In , nine men - six Englishmen, two Frenchmen and an Italian - set out to try, a race born of coincidence of their timing.

One didn't even know how to sail. They had more in common with Captain Cook or Ferdinand Magellan than with the high-tech, extreme sailors of today, a mere forty years later.

Zac Sunderland

It was not the sea or the weather that determined the nature of their voyages but the men they were, and they were as different from one another as Scott from Amundsen. Only one of the nine crossed the finishing line after ten months at sea. The rest encountered despair, sublimity, madness and even death. In some ways the model for the new wave of adventure books, Adrift is an undeniable seafaring classic, a riveting firsthand account by the only man known to have survived more than a month alone at sea, fighting for his life in an inflatable raft after his small sloop capsized only six days out.

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Adrift is a must-have for any adventure library. Gypsy Moth Circles the World by Frances Chichester From time immemorial, few narrative genres have had the power to so stir the emotions or captivate the imagination as the true account of a lone adventurer's triumph over the titanic forces of nature. Among the handful of such tales to emerge in the twentieth century, one of the most enduring surely must be Sir Francis Chichester's account of his solitary, nine-month journey around the world in his foot ketch Gipsy Moth IV.

The story of how the sixty-five-year-old navigator singlehandedly circumnavigated the globe, the whole way battling hostile seas as well as his boat's numerous design flaws, is a tale of superhuman tenacity and endurance to be read and reread by sailors and armchair adventurers alike. Fastnet, Force 10 by John Rousemaniere It began in fine weather, then suddenly became a terrifying ordeal.

A Force 10, sixty-knot storm swept across the North Atlantic with a speed that confounded forecasters, slamming into the fleet with epic fury. For twenty hours, 2, men and women were smashed by forty-foot breaking waves, while rescue helicopters and lifeboats struggled to save them. By the time the race was over, fifteen people had died, twenty-four crews had abandoned ship, five yachts had sunk, sailors had been rescued, and only 85 boats had finished the race. John Rousmaniere was there, and he tells the tragic story of the greatest disaster in the history of yachting as only one who has sailed through the teeth of a killer storm can.

Sick of the weather, perennial colds and their increasingly routine lifestyle, they'd all been getting restless. Finally, Guy and Juliet broke in spectacular style - they re-mortgaged their house and bought a yacht. Her name was Forever. The plan? To pick up Forever from her mooring in the Leeward Antilles off the coast of Venezuela, and sail around the West Indies before crossing the Atlantic back to Scotland. This was despite the fact that Guy, skipper of the expedition, had almost no sailing experience.

Travelling around the lush tropical islands of the Caribbean and up the waterways of America, the family had countless sublime moments as they discovered the freedoms of sailing - anchoring in deserted bays, night passages under star-studded skies, and entering New York by water, greeted by the Statue of Liberty. But there were also testing times as they grappled with seasickness and bad weather, coping with young children at sea and learning to run a large, complex boat. Far from being the idyllic escape they'd envisaged, the journey forced Guy and Juliet to draw on reserves of courage and endurance they never knew they had.

Wry, funny and buccaneering, this is a compelling tale of bravery and endeavour, out on the open sea. Total Loss: Dramatic First-hand Accounts of Yacht Losses at Sea by Paul Gelder An enthralling collection of 45 dramatic stories of yachts lost at sea, Total Loss has been a consistent bestseller since first publication. Here are tales of collisions with UFOs unidentified floating objects , fire, explosion, exhaustion and crew failure, navigational blunders, capsize, gear failure, dismastings and severe storms.

Day – Van Den Heede receives huge welcome back in Les Sables d’Olonne - Golden Globe Race

The moving, emotionally charged descriptions of shipwrecked sailors abandoning their yachts at sea will have you on the edge of your seat. But these accounts are more than just gripping tales of disaster - they carry valuable lessons which the survivors have been able to pass on to all who go to sea for pleasure. Every year, hundreds of yachts are lost at sea.

For those who wish to avoid a similar fate, or learn how best to cope with emergencies, this book is a compelling, thought-provoking bunkside read. A Passion for the Sea by Jimmy Cornell One of the most influential cruising yachtsmen writing today, Jimmy Cornell has sailed over , miles in more than thirty years on the oceans, including three circumnavigations and voyages to the Arctic and Antarctic.

In this new book, Jimmy tells the story of his own travels in great detail. Decades of offshore sailing experience are distilled into this colourful account, which is packed with valuable observations, spiced up with entertaining anecdotes, and illustrated with brilliant photos from along the way. Much more than just an exciting report of his adventures, Jimmy draws on his experiences to share practical tips for those inspired to follow his example, along with important technical information.

An exciting narrative of a young man's voyage as a common seaman from Boston to California and back in the age of sail. Besides being the most accurate picture we have of the life of seamen of that time, it was influential in improving the living and working conditions of seamen.

Richard Henry Dana jr. The illness affected his eyesight, and he left the college in because he had been told that a sea voyage would aid his failing eyesight. He turned down the offer of a free passage to Calcutta, and back, as a companion to the owner's representative. Storm Tactics by Lyn Pardey In a storm at sea, luck is highly biased toward the sailor who has a plan. As in the first two editions of this book, they describe their concerns about the tendency of modern sailors to discard the classic methods used to bring sailing vessels of all sizes from vast clipper ships to tiny yachts through amazingly strong winds and heavy seas.

This volume is the reference tome, with everything from anchors to astronavigation. Whether long distance sailor or armchair cruiser; contemplating a cruise for a few months or even a year; sailing on a shoestring or a CEO's pension; this new edition is the most comprehensive, best organised and authoritative treatment of how to prepare and execute a major voyage under sail.

Packed with detailed information on finding and equipping the right boat, selecting crewmembers, financing the voyage, weather forecasting, passage planning, heavy-weather sailing, staying healthy and sane, and mid-ocean repairs, The Voyager's Handbook is the ultimate resource for anyone planning, preparing for, or just dreaming about the adventure of a lifetime.

Adlard Coles Heavy Weather Sailing b y Peter Bruce For 50 years Heavy Weather Sailing has been regarded as the ultimate international authority on surviving storms at sea aboard sailing and motor vessels. The first edition was compiled by Kaines Adlard Coles himself in Since then technology may have improved, but the weather certainly hasn't. This is the seventh updated edition, edited by racing yachtsman Peter Bruce, ensuring that in its 50th year the book remains as relevant and as essential as it has been for the previous five decades. This is the definitive book for crews of any size contemplating voyages out of sight of land anywhere in the world, whether racing or cruising.

It gives a clear message regarding the preparations required, and the tactics to consider when it comes on to blow. Boatowner's Mechanical and Electrical Manual by Nigel Calder This manual takes both novice and experienced boatowner through minor to major repairs of electrical systems, engines, electronics, steering systems, generators, pumps, cookers, spars and rigging.

It was hailed as the first truly DIY manual for boatowners and has sold in its thousands ever since. There have been significant changes in boat systems since then, particularly electrical systems, and this third edition has been fully updated to reflect these developments and expand its predecessor's worldwide popularity. World Cruising Handbook by Jimmy Cornell Painstakingly researched, a massive guide to the language, currency, customs and quarantine regs. A great guide whether readers be novices setting out with their very first boat or mariners with long experience at sea.

It contains information on the winds, currents, regional and seasonal weather, as well as suggestions about optimum times for individual routes. The 6th edition assesses the effects of global warming on cruising routes and provides over waypoints to assist skippers in planning individual routes.

It is the perfect one-stop reference for planning a cruise anywhere in the world. The Complete Day Skipper by Tom Cunliffe The Complete Day Skipper is a totally practical hands-on manual that covers the RYA Day Skipper syllabus in a way that reflects a skipper's growing experience at sea, beginning with yacht handling under power, moving on to boat husbandry and sailing skills, and from there to the realistic use of modern electronic navigation systems. Eminently readable and very down to earth, this fully revised fifth edition has become required reading for all skippers in their early years as well as more experienced sailors who choose not to venture far afield.

As one of Britain's best-known instructors and writers on seamanship, Tom Cunliffe provides just the right blend of advice, instruction, inspiration and encouragement. The Complete Yachtmaster by Tom Cunliffe The Complete Yachtmaster has been a bestseller since first publication and has established itself as the standard reference for Yachtmaster students as well as skippers of all levels of experience. In this fully revised eighth edition, Tom Cunliffe brings together all the essentials of modern cruising in one volume.

Subjects include an analysis of what makes a good skipper, the theory and practice of sailing, seamanship, navigation including chart plotters and PCs, meteorology, heavy weather, yacht stability and coping with emergencies. The Complete Yachtmaster promotes each subject as an integral part of the whole.

It guides examination candidates as authoritatively and reassuringly through the RYA syllabus as a sea pilot bringing a ship to harbour. Required reading for all skippers whether on board or in the classroom. It will not only appeal to both leisure sailors and motor cruisers; there is a section covering commercial endorsement requirements for those who wish to use their qualification professionally.

A comprehensive and practical guide to all aspects of seamanship, and comes in hardback form, so can take plenty of knocks.