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You are a subscriber but you have not yet set up your account for premium online access. Oliver later claimed to the police, including a very hostile Detective Quentin Lance , that "a man in a green hood" saved them. With Oliver's kidnapping accelerating his plans, he quickly began his crusade as a vigilante, but Moira's concern for her son's safety after the incident led her to hire John Diggle as his bodyguard.

Oliver had to continually ditch Diggle to proceed with his vigilantism. Oliver set up his lair in the abandoned Queen Industrial Inc. His first target was Adam Hunt for stealing many people's homes and life savings. Oliver returns the money Adam Hunt stole. Using Tommy's welcome back party for him as a cover, Oliver waited for the deadline to confront Hunt. He ran into Laurel again and lied about how the island did not change him, claiming he was still a careless playboy and she was wrong to try and see the good in him.

Oliver then stormed Hunt Multinational and took out the security team, lead by Constantine Drakon. He managed to escape just as the Starling City Police Department arrived. He then crossed Adam Hunt's name, the first of many, off The List. The next night, Oliver kept watch over Laurel, only to learn she'd moved on with Tommy. A week later, Oliver had his death in absentia revoked at the courthouse. He targeted another notable individual on The List, Martin Somers , whom Laurel was also prosecuting on behalf of a client whose father, Victor Nocenti , had been murdered on Somers' orders.

Wanting to help Laurel and her client, Oliver broke into Starling Port and threatened Sommers into testifying at the trial and confess to having Victor killed. The next day, Oliver rebuffed Moira and Walter's request that he take a position at Queen Consolidated. That night, at Thea's urging, he visited Laurel at her apartment , apologizing for his earlier behavior and trying to reconnect.

Suddenly, they were attacked by the Chinese Triad , sent by Somers to kill Laurel. Diggle, who was guarding Oliver at the time, barged inside and shot one of the assassins. Diggle then battled and was almost killed by Chien Na Wei , but Oliver saved him by throwing a knife to disarm the assassin. Oliver's intervention was the first hint Diggle had that his client was much more capable than he let on. Oliver pursued Somers, killing his men and taping his confession of Victor's murder. After a battle with Chien, Oliver encountered Lance, but managed to escape.

He left behind Somers' confession, allowing Lance to arrest him. After crossing Somers' name off the List, Oliver made a "drunken" scene at the groundbreaking of the Robert Queen Applied Sciences Center , voicing his belief of never wanting to be like his father. Oliver then visited and spoke to Robert's grave on the mansion grounds. Believing he couldn't uphold his father's name and honor his wishes at the same time, Oliver regretfully admitted he would need to dishonor Robert's memory for the sake of his crusade. Oliver goes to the Bratva for help with Deadshot. Sometime after this, Oliver targeted James Holder and confronted him over selling defective smoke detectors.

Suddenly, Holder was killed by a sniper, who wounded Oliver with a poisonous bullet. Oliver managed to heal his injury using herbs from Lian Yu. After analyzing the bullet, Oliver discovered it was laced with curare , a modus operandi belonging to an assassin known to Interpol as "Deadshot". After retrieving a bullet from the crime scene, Oliver discovered Deadshot was once hired by the Solntsevskaya Bratva. Using his rank as a Bratva captain, Oliver tracked down Alexi Leonov , whom he asked to find the identity of the sniper.

Meanwhile, to provide an alibi for his vigilantism, Oliver planned to turn the top floor of Queen Industrial Inc. While at Poison with Tommy, he got into an altercation with Max Fuller 's men, who held a grudge against Oliver for sleeping with his wife , until Laurel came to his and Tommy's aid. Later that night, from the Bratva's intel, Oliver learned that Deadshot's real name was Floyd Lawton.

He tracked Lawton down to Papp Motel but after a brief shootout, the sniper escaped. Oliver managed to recover a laptop ridden with bullets. The next day, he took the laptop to Queen Consolidated's I. Oliver asked her to salvage information from the laptop, with a poor excuse. Amused, she agreed. With the information Felicity pulled up, Oliver discovered that Lawton was employed by Warren Patel to attack an auction for Unidac Industries and kill the other bidders, including Walter.

Realizing he couldn't protect the bidders by himself, Oliver approached Lance, passing on the information about Deadshot's incoming attack. Oliver asked Diggle to join his crusade to protect the city as "a fellow soldier", only for Diggle to furiously decline.

That night, Oliver had trouble sleeping due to experiencing nightmares about missing Laurel whilst on the island.

The Shoemaker's Wife: A Novel

The next morning, he learned Diggle had resigned and was replaced with Rob Scott , whom Oliver immediately ditched via motorcycle. Oliver then met with Laurel, who revealed Peter's wife's supervisor lied in the case. After interrogating the man, Oliver obtained a file of incriminating evidence against Brodeur, to which Laurel thanked him, much to his joy. However, Peter wasn't freed due to insufficient evidence so Oliver decided to go to Brodeur directly and get a confession. Upon confronting him, Oliver discovered Brodeur was arranging for a prison riot at Iron Heights in an effort to silence Laurel and Peter.

Sneaking into the prison after stealing a guard's uniform, Oliver rescued the two and managed to proved Brodeur framed Peter for his wife's murder, though was saddened at how The Hood's methods alienated Laurel. The next day, Diggle arrived at the mansion to see Oliver, agreeing to be his partner. Asking for Laurel as his attorney, Oliver was posted on bail but fitted with a GPS device under house arrest.

Later, in attempt to prove his innocence, Oliver suggested taking a polygraph in front of Lance. Oliver managed to beat the polygraph, but admitted to being tortured and that he got Sara killed. Oliver then discovered Leo Mueller had infiltrated Starling City with plans to sell rifles he stole to gangs, effectively turning The Glades into a war zone. Knowing that the police would eventually make a connection to him being the Vigilante, Oliver revealed his plan to have Diggle disguised as The Hood and attack the weapons sale to "prove" his innocence.

As a cover, Oliver threw a prison-themed party at the mansion while under house arrest. During the event, this Oliver shared an intimate moment with Laurel as he revealed his scars to her. The two shared a kiss before Laurel left in shame, saddening Oliver. Oliver had Diggle, disguised as The Hood, attack the initial sale, "proving" Oliver's innocence. Oliver then attacked the sale himself and killed Mueller shortly after.

Sometime after that, Oliver targeted Justin Claybourne , an individual on The List whose company acquired the rights to and raised the price of Dycloseral , a Tuberculosis -curing drug. Diggle tried to warn Oliver that his actions might have consequences, but he didn't listen. Oliver asked Felicity to find AK Desmond Group's location, claiming that he wanted to surprise a friend of his who worked there. Felicity discovered the headquarters to be at West Maple, 30th floor. Oliver went there as The Hood and took down many men before killing Claybourne.

Diggle attempted to persuade Oliver to branch out from The List by taking down the Royal Flush Gang, barely succeeding in doing so when he brought Oliver to Starling General, showing him the comatose Stan. Oliver then agreed to take down the Royal Flush Gang. After gathering the needed information to track them, Oliver quickly identified the Royal Flush Gang as a family, not a gang. Further research by Felicity revealed they were one of the many families who lost their homes because of Robert selling Queen Industrial Inc.

Oliver offered Derek another job at Queen Consolidated, but was ultimately turned down. Oliver then decided to take down the Royal Flush Gang as they attempted to rob Redwood United Bank , resulting in a security guard fatally shooting Derek. Oliver revealed his identity to Derek before he died.

Diggle assured a despondent Oliver that Robert would be proud of him for trying to give the Reston family a second chance. Afterwards, Oliver took his mother out to dinner to reconnect. A short while after, Oliver saw Moira get shot by a motorcyclist and attempted to track the biker but failed. Oliver then visited Frank Bertinelli on behalf of Moira for a business deal, who sent his daughter, Helena , to have dinner with Oliver at Russo's to solidify the deal.

Oliver and Helena ended up connecting over their pasts. Afterwards, a gang extorting Russo's attacked the owners, but Oliver intervened. He ran into the biker who shot Moira, only to discover it was Helena. Oliver and Helena killed all the gang members there to keep their secret identities safe. They then slept together. Helena seemed to be making progress, but Oliver's still apparent feelings for Laurel drove her over the edge. Helena then tried to kill her father, but Oliver stopped her.

After Frank shot Helena, Oliver brought her to his base and patched up her wound. Frank was arrested while Helena left the city. Six weeks later, a fireman was killed on the line of duty, although it was debatable whether he died from the fire or was actually killed. Laurel passed this information to The Hood. Diggle then tracked the car the killer was using and Oliver infiltrated a burning building to safeguard one of the firemen.

The killer, a rouge fireman named Garfield Lynns , managed to escape Oliver. He then attempted to killed a fireman in Verdant , where Oliver was hosting a firefighter fundraiser. Lynns then appeared but Oliver prevented him from doing anymore killings. Lynns then committed suicide by stepping into a fire.

Oliver then targeted someone on the list who is not a wealthy individual, Ted Gaynor , who had a history with Diggle in the military, who Oliver suspected of being part of a heist. Oliver then interrogated Gaynor, only for Diggle to intervene, resulting in a heated argument between them. Diggle eventually discovered Gaynor was in fact, corrupt, like everyone else they've faced on The List, once saved him and Carly from Gaynor's men.

Afterwards, Thea was arrested for driving under the influence of a drug called Vertigo. Pretending he wanted to give his club partygoers some Vertigo to make them more excited, Oliver asked the Bratva to arrange a meeting with Cecil. However, the police failed to capture Cecil during the meet and Oliver was drugged with a dose of Vertigo.

He brought a sample of the drug to Felicity and she discovered where it was manufactured. Diggle was reluctant to let Oliver go since he was still suffering the effects of the drug. Oliver, defiant, chose to go after Cecil without the bow and in a fit of rage, overdosed him. Oliver also went to great lengths to get Thea's DUI charges dropped and eventually succeeded with Laurel's help, allowing Thea to do community service while on probation.

Shortly after this, a thief known as The Dodger appeared in Starling City, catching the attention of Oliver and his team. They decided to use a Queen family brooch as bait to draw him out. However The Dodger, using his MO, rigged Felicity with a bomb collar and forced her to steal the jewel for him.

Oliver then confronted The Dodger after a motorcycle chase and severed his medium nerve to prevent him from activating the bomb to decapitate Felicity. During this period, Oliver also began a relationship with McKenna. Around Tommy's 28th birthday, Oliver caught word the Chinese Triad were targeting someone, eventually discovering it to be Malcolm Merlyn. Once the attack began, Oliver infiltrated the event honoring Malcolm as a humanitarian, but was too late as Floyd Lawton poisoned Malcolm with two bullets, knocking him out.

Oliver, as the Hood tried to convince Tommy to do a blood transfusion to dilute Lawton's poison to buy him time to get to the hospital. However, Tommy refused to listen, forcing Oliver to show his identity to Tommy to gain his trust. At the hospital, Tommy wondered if his friend ever planned to tell him the truth, to which Oliver admitted he didn't.

Afterwards, Helena returned to Starling City, having discovered that her father made a bargain with F. Refusing to let that happen, Helena blackmailed Oliver into helping her find Frank by threatening Tommy. Oliver reluctantly agreed. They attacked the vans, one carrying Frank and one a decoy.

However, both were decoys and Helena was arrested. Oliver then freed Helena from the SCPD precinct and offered her the opportunity to start a new life elsewhere. However, Helena refused and again went after her father by threatening Felicity to find the location of his safehouse. Oliver rescued Felicity and angrily pursued Helena, allowing Frank to escape once again. During the battle, Helena shot McKenna in the femur after the latter arrived at the scene, leaving her temporarily paralyzed. McKenna subsequently had to move to Coast City to receive physical therapy and broke up with Oliver.

Oliver then talked with Tommy, feeling he will never have a normal life as long as he's a vigilante. Oliver decided to try to track down Walter once more by interrogating people. He eventually tracked the information to a corrupt casino, where Felicity volunteered as bait to get to the manager, who had information where Walter is.

He said Walter was killed and Oliver passed this information to his mother. It was revealed he suspected Moira had a role in Walter's disappearance and tracked her to a meeting with Malcolm, where he eavesdropped with an arrow equipment and used Felicity to use phone records to track down Walter and free him and heard of the term "The Undertaking". Oliver and Laurel also confronted each other after Tommy ended his relationship with Laurel, while visiting Oliver in the hospital to check on Walter, Oliver reluctantly admitted to Laurel that he did still love her.

In order to figure out what the Undertaking is, Oliver had Diggle disguise himself as The Hood and "kidnap" him and Moira to question Moira for information. When Moira refused Diggle pretended to attack Oliver to get Moira to talk and learned they plan to use a man-made earthquake to level The Grades. Oliver and his team successfully infiltrated Merlyn Global Group to hijack the information of where the Markov device was located.

While waiting on Felicity to find the location, Oliver realized to his that his father's mission was to stop the Undertaking and once he does that he is free. Knowing this Oliver went to Laurel's apartment were he admitted that she is more important to him than anyone eventually causing the two to passionately kiss as they began having sex. Unknown to them, Tommy witnessed the two together. Once, learning of the device's location, Oliver left Laurel's bed to confront Malcolm who then revealed himself as the Dark Archer who nearly killed him last Christmas, where the two fought, with Malcolm eventually knocking Oliver out and unmasking him.

Malcolm then held Oliver captive because Oliver saved his life a few months a ago, however, Oliver eventually managed to escape thanks to Diggle's help. Oliver then confronted his mother, now knowing about the Undertaking and reluctantly confessed to his mother about his father's suicide. Laurel later arrived at the Queen Mansion, worried Oliver was getting scared of their relationship again Oliver then explained how that wasn't the case and told her that she always saw the best in him and the island brought out the person she always saw; as they kiss Oliver then asks her to stay out of the Glades tonight.

As the three men fight, Malcolm injuries Diggle and Oliver and Malcolm fight once more. After putting Oliver in submissive hold, Oliver takes one of his arrows and impales himself with it to kill Malcolm. As Malcolm dies, it reveals that he had a second machine as a backup causing it to set off in order causing destruction to the Glades.

As the two friends reconcile, Tommy admits that he was jealous of Oliver for his dedication to saving people and asks if he killed his father, to which Oliver lies to as Tommy dies. Leaving Oliver to tearfully blame himself believing he should have been the one to die instead. While preparing for Tommy's funeral, Oliver stayed up all night writing a eulogy for him, but ultimately could not bring himself to say anything at the event. Oliver attended Tommy's funeral from afar and watched Laurel give his eulogy.

After the funeral, a despondent Oliver visited Laurel at her apartment, confessing his failure in Tommy's death and wasting his second chance in saving the city. A week later, Oliver visited Laurel again and they began reminiscing about their past with Tommy. Laurel suggested that she and Oliver could still save the city together, and they kiss. Ultimately overwhelmed by his guilt though, Oliver left to return to Lian Yu in a self-imposed exile. He left behind a letter for Laurel, along with the picture of herself she gave him before he boarded the Queen's Gambit.

In the letter, Oliver explained he is leaving and take some time alone, feeling he would only hold Laurel back in her desire to help raise the city back up. Oliver discovers through Roy that drugs that are distributed to the public hospitals Glades, are being stolen by the Chinese Triad, thus causing it to go into confrontation with China White, and her new partner Bronze Tiger. Amidst this, Oliver is attacked, by the people and Sebastian Blood, due to the involvement of his family in the earthquake provoked by Malcolm Merlyn.

Thus making him a bountiful feast, to help people injured in the quake. Later Sebastian visits Oliver's office where Oliver offers to host a charity event for the Glades which Sebastian agrees to, but Oliver doesn't show as China White sighted which provokes Sebastian to publicly crucify him. After capturing China White and her accomplices, Oliver asks Roy to help him, and to be his informant in the Glades, and decides to convince Laurel that he is not a criminal, however ends up being trapped in the building of the prosecution due to a trap set by Laurel. Oliver then returns to the Arrow-cave where he confesses his wrong choice to talk to Laurel and tasks Felicity with finding the Canary.

The criminal Barton Mathis aka The Dollmaker, kidnapping and killing, random women, escapes from prison, due to earthquake damage. Oliver also asks Roy to track The Canary. The team tries using Felicity as bait to trap the Dollmaker but this is unsuccessful and the Dollmaker captures Laurel instead.

The Arrow comes in and rescues Laurel. Then The Canary steps in to lend her help in the fight and despite The Arrow's protests she kills the Dollmaker and makes her escape. He was able to catch her, only for him to be shocked that she not only knows his identity, but she was actually Sara Lance, Laurel's presumably dead sister. While shocked by this new information, he pursues an arms dealer called "The Mayor" who was getting his hands on military weapons.

kalebs first day of school i am a star personalized book series 1 Manual

After he attacked a gun rally hosted by Oliver and Sebastian Blood, Felicity managed to find him and Oliver recruits Sara to help him. Meanwhile, he insists on telling Laurel about Sara, even though it would cost him his friendship with her and Laurel's recent drinking problem, but agrees to keep her secret. Oliver and Sara are attacked by a man who was dressed like Malcolm Merlyn. Sara reveals to him that she used to be a member of the League of Assassins, something that clearly shakes Oliver.

They confront the assassin Al-Owal , revealing himself to be Malcolm's trainer, only to see he wasn't alone as two more appeared, and being outmatched, The Arrow and The Canary retreated. After a threat against her family, Oliver kept a watch over Laurel until Felicity called, revealing the assassins were going after Quentin. The Arrow intervenes and while two were killed, Sara left a warning with the last one alive that her family was off limits. However, it gets complicated when Isabel shows up and comes along, thinking that Oliver was taking the corporate jet for a weekend with Felicity.

Oliver introduces Diggle to his old friend, Anatoly Knyazev, who reports Lyla is in prison, but he can get them into the prison thanks to a guard he paid off. After securing transport to get him out, he bonded with Isabel and they ended up sleeping together, something that hurt Felicity. Back home, she asks why he hooked up with Isabel, Oliver responds by saying that he shouldn't get involved with anyone he might actually care about, but Felicity he deserves better than her.

Oliver, Thea and Moira are present for her trial, only for Oliver to learn Diggle has been poisoned with Vertigo and see the same thing happen to the assistant District Attorney. The next day, Moira revealed to both of them a serious threat to her defense; in a moment of weakness, she had an affair with Malcolm Merlyn. Back the trail, Oliver received a call from Cecil Adams, who had not only revealed his identity, but also had Felicity hostage. At his office, clad in his Arrow costume, Adams fires at Oliver, but he manages avoid all of the gunfire.

However, Adams threatened Felicity with his injector, which got him co-operate at first, but when tries to kill her anyway, Oliver delivered three arrows to his chest, making him fall to his death and breaking Oliver's no killing rule. When Felicity thanked him and tried apologize, Oliver assured her that there was no other choice because he was going to hurt her.

Queen Consolidated is invaded by a mysterious figure. After a brief investigation police, Oliver stumbles upon arrival at the forensic expert Barry Allen , from Central City , and claims to be working with similar cases, and that the suspect theoretically possesses superhuman abilities. Oliver initially feel disturbed by the presence of Allen, due to its proximity to Felicity. After research results, Oliver goes behind the suspect, that this was in possession of a truck. During their confrontation, the opponent is proved, as having an enormous strength and endurance, and easily beats Oliver, whilst driving the moving vehicle.

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Oliver later revealed that during his stay on the island, he had faced enemies with such skills, however the serum that gave these powers, was destroyed. Oliver throws a party to celebrate the release of his mother, and also discovers that Barry is actually an assistant forensic scientist and that was not sent to Starling City by his superiors. After analyzing the blood of the criminal, Oliver is goes to a warehouse where the individual would commit a new theft. During the confrontation, Oliver is overcome and seriously injured.

The Arrow spends the next 5 weeks searching for Brother Blood by interrogating as many criminals in the Glades as he could, while during the day as Oliver he continues to support Sebastian in his campaign, unaware that his friend and his enemy were one in the same, but is forced to deal with the bomb threats of Shrapnel who blows up two buildings before targeting Sebastian's unity rally. Oliver also has a falling out with Felicity, who spent most of the 5 weeks visiting Barry as he was struck by lightning and was in a coma, but eventually came to make peace with her.

The Arrow visited Sebastian later and tried to get him to call off the rally but the alderman refused and Arrow was forced to head to the rally to stop Shrapnel himself. He later met with Sebastian who offered an alliance to the Arrow believing that together they could save the city and the Arrow agreed.

Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter (appeared in all 8 films)

Wanting proof of Laurel's speculations he tasked Felicity to find any files possible which she did, but only a hardback copy which only an A. A like Laurel could access. Arrow then enlisted Laurel's help to retrieve it but found it empty as Oliver visited Sebastian himself to see if he could see any hint of Laurel's speculations from his personally to no avail. Oliver also visited Roy to keep a secret eye on his Mirakuru problem.

Laurel was later arrested for drug use and Oliver attempts to talk to her about it at her apartment only to be knocked out by Brother Blood as Laurel was kidnapped. When waking up he noticed a text on the wall to come to the steel-mill. Arrow went to the steel-mill where he found Blood keeping Laurel hostage. He engaged Blood into hand-to-hand combat but ended up defeated and held at gunpoint.

Laurel shot and killed Blood but when they took off the mask, they were surprised to see not Sebastian but Officer Daily , and Oliver later blamed himself for nearly believing him just because Laurel said so. He also learned from Thea that Roy hospitalized a man out of rage and approached him as Arrow to train him to use his abilities. Arrow continued to train Roy in the same techniques Shado used on the island but this only enraged Roy, and Oliver told Diggle and Felicity about his story with Slade, and his Mirakuru incident and why it was so important that he not fail Roy.

Later Ben Turner aka Bronze Tiger escaped prison and broke into Malcolm Merlyn's house for his prototype Earthquake machine, and at Roy's insistence agreed to take him along with. However once there Roy lost control on one guard while Arrow was stuck fighting Turner before he used the opportunity to escape with the machine. Later Roy lost control against Oliver and headed out to stop Turner himself.

Oliver later got wind of where Turner was heading but was told by Thea on the phone that Laurel was losing it in Verdant. Oliver went to reason with her and learned that she had been disbarred from her job, and she starting flirting with him and Oliver patiently told Thea to call a cab for her, he also discreetly called Sara and told her that Laurel needed her. Later when Arrow found Turner and his employer Milo Armitage he was ambushed and stabbed by Turner from behind, but Roy arrived and attacked Turner while Armitage activated the machine forcing Oliver to reveal his identity to Roy to make him stop attacking Turner and help him destroy the machine.

Oliver later introduced Roy to Felicity and Diggle in the lair. Slade continues to socialize with Oliver and Moira but secretly taunts Oliver about events from the island before Thea gives him a tour of their art collection. Oliver indirectly calls Felicity. Roy and Sara later show up at the house, forcing Slade to leave, but Oliver decides to escort him to his car as Diggle was meant to take a head-shot on Slade, but was apprehended.

As they were walking, Oliver figured out that Cyrus Gold and Brother Blood worked for him and Slade vowed to fulfill his promise as he left. On Felicity's advice, Oliver leads his team to Queen Consolidated's applied sciences division to blow it up to prevent Slade from replicating the Mirakuru.

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After witnessing Isabel's press conference on the matter the others were relived that they hurt Slade but Oliver knew he would press on through other means. Later Ned Foster met with Oliver and his mother to discus saving their family's wealth from Isabel's seizing of the company, and he also learned from Moira that Isabel was previously his father's lover much to his shock. Also that Thea needs to sign a document that protects their assets so Isabel cannot access the rest of their wealth. As Team Arrow arrived at the cave discussing Quentin's arrest and Roy's departure Deathstroke was waiting for them in the cave and attacked them, throwing Sara against a table, tossing Diggle into the glass container and engaging Oliver in a sword fight which Deathstroke easily won.

Oliver and Sara were briefly hospitalized but soon discharged and Oliver went to Thea to talk her into helping him and Moira against Isabel but she refused, further learning that Deathstroke had stolen the Skeleton Key from their lair. Arrow and Canary, unaware they were being followed by Laurel whom Slade told about Oliver's secret, headed to Star Labs to stop Deathstroke stealing a bio-transfusor but arrived only in time to see Caitlin Snow and Cisco Ramon in panic telling the clerk of the thief. Later at Laurel's request the Arrow met with her and she began to show signs of being onto his identity.

Oliver soon visited Isabel to get Slade's location and learned from her that Robert was aware of Malcolm being Thea's true father but still loved her anyway and attempted to tell Thea only to have Felicity call and inform him of the transfuser's location. When Arrow arrived he saw that it was not Slade rigged to it, but Roy. Slade and Isabel then arrived and Arrow engaged both of them and rescued Roy as John seemingly shot Isabel several times, taking Roy back to the Arrow-cave with a formula of Mirakuru.

Oliver stated that they were going to make a cure with it and later against talked to Thea about Robert being aware of her true parentage but she didn't care. Laurel then showed up to hug him for being important to her, unaware she was now fully aware of his real identity. Not long following his defeat of Slade, the Arrow and Roy grappled on to a "drug plane" and climbed up on top. They struggled to hold on while Felicity, back at their base, tried to hack the plane's WiFi.

Unable to get a clean signal, Dig suggested to go with "plan B". Oliver proceeded to stab an arrow in to the plane. The arrow exploded and the two of them jumped in to the plane. As the occupants began shooting at the men, they began fighting back. Oliver fired an arrow at the pilot, which opened up at the end to reveal a ball, hitting the man in the face.

As Roy mused over the new "boxing glove arrow" a term Oliver claimed to hate , Oliver started to fly the plane back to stability. He placed an autopilot device on to the controls and busied himself with fighting back the remaining occupants of the plane. Roy was momentarily distracted by a comment from Oliver calling him Speedy. In this moment, one of the Spanish-speaking men attempted to fire his gun at Roy, only to get an arrow to the chest from Oliver.

However, Roy was hit by a bullet and began falling from the plane. They arrived at St. Walker's Church , the Church of Blood 's hideout, arriving through the sewers. They crashed through a door, hoping to find Felicity, but there was no one. They proceeded to search the room, suddenly finding an explosive in a desk drawer. They ran for their lives, before the bomb exploded, collapsing the entire building. As they climbed from the rubble, Oliver and Roy noticed a member of Slade Wilson's Mirakuru -powered army. As they did, Oliver's phone rang.

Over the phone, Felicity tried to warn them, but was interrupted by Brother Blood. Later on, Oliver was working out when Roy interrupted, asking for any hint of a plan. Oliver expressed some sort of feelings for Felicity, but denied them being actual feelings. That night, they arrived atop Kord Industries. Oliver left his weapons behind and they patted him down, before allowing him to board their helicopter. Once aboard, Oliver asked to commence the trade. However, refusing to do so, as Oliver had predicted, Oliver knocked almost everyone but Brother Blood out, taking his gun.

He threatened to kill for Felicity if he was not taken to her. They soon arrived at the drop zone, but Hogue assured him that his men would be waiting for him, outmatching him four to one. However, Oliver was sure that this would in no way hinder him. Sometime following, Oliver met Walter Steele and Ned Foster at Queen Consolidated , who notified him of a board meeting on the 8th of October, and their future plans following that, he thanked Walter before leaving. Before Oliver could hail a cab, he was attacked by an angry man.

He was able to miss each of the man's punches, but was soon thrown in to Champions Sports , a sporting shop. He soon came back out, wearing a hockey mask and wielding a baseball bat. The man broke the bat, but Oliver pulled a recurve bow from his back, lodging an arrow in his shoulder. However, he was able to withstand it, due to his Mirakuru enhancement. Luckily, Roy Harper was able to intervene. The man tried to attack them both, but was distracted by police, who he was forced to flee from. On suggestion from Diggle , Roy grappled up a building with his bow and arrow, holding Oliver as well.

They crashed through the window, before heading down the stairs, only to be stopped by police. They were promptly handcuffed and made to face a wall. However, Felicity called and used a voice imitation program to act as the police chief, forcing them to be freed.

The two of them headed back to the Arrowcave , where they found the identity of the man, Caleb Green. Discovering that he had in fact been after vengeance on Robert Queen for his father , and having no Mirakuru cure, Oliver determined that he still had one sin to atone for, planning to leave for Lian Yu with Roy. Over the next several months Oliver, Diggle, Felicity and Roy began a clean up mission of Starling City, with the legal help of both Quentin and Laurel, to put away dozens of criminals, severely crippling the criminal network and leaving the rest of them desperate.

The driver, Vincent Steelgrave , made a run for it, but Oliver captured him, commenting that he'd failed the city, before knocking him out. They headed back to the foundry, where Oliver crossed off yet another name from his new list of criminals. He noticed a fern, which she explained as an attempt to liven up the dull surroundings. Oliver promptly received a text from Thea , leading to Roy leaving quickly to do a patrol.

As he left, Oliver complimented him on how well he had been doing. Felicity and Diggle also left, though before the latter did, Oliver gave him a gift to celebrate his coming baby. Dig urged Oliver to talk to Felicity, as he believed him to be blatantly in love with her. Oliver denied this trying to remind him that he only said that he did to fool Slade, though Diggle quickly made him realize that over time he had begun to love her for real. Laurel guided him over to a group surrounding Captain Quentin Lance , who was ready to make an announcement.

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Laurel claimed that it was his surprise. Captain Lance began to announce that, using his new position as a police captain, he was formally recognizing The Arrow as a hero, as well as disbanding the task force created to hunt him down. After that, Oliver rushed on over to the foundry, where he caught up with Felicity. He awkwardly asked her out on a dinner date, which she accepted. That night they were on another mission, going after a member of Steelgrave's crew.

Dig patched Oliver over to Felicity, and despite being in the middle of a high speed chase, he asked her as to her interests in Italian food, agreeing on it. He thanked him for what he'd done, excusing himself as he claimed to have somewhere to be. He headed to the restaurant, changing in to a suit and stashing his bag in a compartment. He met Felicity, just as nervous as her.

Unable to find anything to talk about, he admitted that he hadn't been on the island for the entirety of his five years away, specifically he'd gone to Hong Kong, for one. He went on to describe how he learnt to stop trusting people, only to begin to do so again when he first met Felicity. Oliver began to suggest that they had the potential to begin a relationship, but the conversation was cut short by a rocket launched aiming for The Arrow. The two of them were knocked out, and Oliver awoke to a badly battered Felicity.

He picked her up and took her and his bag back to the base, where he lay Felicity on a table. Roy discovered a GPS tag on Felicity's jacket, Oliver inferring that it had been meant for him, hence the explosive. He gave Lance a call, alerting him as to the situation, and wishing to find the leader of the gang. Felicity suddenly woke up and was comforted by Oliver. Oliver suited up and headed to where they assumed Steelgrave's men to be, where he also found Quentin, who told him of the suspect, Werner Zytle. Werner suddenly appeared, introducing himself and throwing a dart at his neck.

The two began fighting, though The Arrow began to stagger. As Oliver started to hallucinate, Werner explained that he had brought back the Vertigo drug with an addition that made one see their greatest fear. Werner began to turn in to Oliver himself, and resulted in him fighting The Arrow and even winning, holding him up against a wall. Quentin began shooting, distracting him long enough for The Arrow to run off. However, Quentin collapsed and Werner started to walk to him. Before he could do any harm, he was shot with an arrow and fled.

The Arrow requested Felicity call an ambulance for the captain. Oliver returned to the base, checking that Felicity was okay. He sent Roy out to patrol for Werner's men and instructed Dig to go home to look after Lyla. Felicity and Oliver headed to Queen Consolidated for Oliver's meeting with the company's board. Surprising them, another bidder for the company, Ray Palmer , arrived. Oliver began a heartfelt speech to the board members in a hope to win the bid for the company, only to quickly be squashed by Ray's motivational speech regarding "QC" transforming the city in to a "Star City".

They left and Oliver decided that, clearly having lost to Ray, he had previously made a decision to put aside "Oliver Queen" anyway, and so it was likely for the best. Back at the base, Diggle updated Oliver on Werner's next targets, three crime bosses. Oliver and Roy suited up, while arguing that Diggle had to stay at the base as he was a soon-to-be father. Once at the Rockets Arena , where Werner and the crime bosses were, Roy was sent to deactivate the bomb while Arrow chose to go after Werner, heading to the roof.

Werner threw a Vertigo-laced dart at him, though Arrow was able to overcome it. Suddenly, Canary appeared to help keep down Werner's accomplice. Arrow was surprised to see Canary back, but quickly made sure to tie up Werner. They went for a walk and caught up. Sara suggested that she might return permanently to the city, but advised that Oliver needed to have non-vigilantes in his life. Soon after, Oliver headed to the hospital to find Diggle and Lyla, the latter of whom had given birth.

John thanked Oliver for giving him the right advice and the two hugged. Out in the hallway, Felicity and Oliver briefly talked about their situation, before kissing and Felicity walking off upset. Suddenly Oliver received a call from Barry, who had woken up from his coma. He also expressed doubts, as Dr. Harrison Wells had told him that he was just a man struck by lightning, but Oliver promised that his power was a gift to be used in ways Oliver's could not, to be an unseen guardian angel, saving people "in a flash". As Arrow departed he told Barry to listen to his own previous advice and wear a mask.

Barry was impressed by Oliver's exit, as was Oliver likewise of Barry's speeding away. The following morning, Oliver headed to the base with Felicity and Roy, where they horrifyingly found Sara lying on a table, dead. Laurel attempted to explain what had happened, before Oliver closed her eyes and comforted Laurel. Oliver met Laurel upstairs, where she told Oliver of a stuffed shark that Sara was fond of.

Common Sense says

Oliver promised to find Sara's killer, to which Laurel attempted to suggest that she would also help, though Oliver recommended that she had helped enough thus far. Laurel left, leading to Oliver calling Thea, wishing to simply hear her voice, though he only got her voice mail. Felicity approached, letting him know that they had no video surveillance to go off, so he instead decided to go and survey the area. At the scene, Oliver was only able to find a piece of metal, but meanwhile imagined Sara's murder.

Diggle approached, having learnt of Sara's death. He attempted to get Oliver to take some time off of work, but Oliver claimed his vigilante work was all he could do, and proceeded to dissect what he could take from the scene, leading to Dig offering his help. Suddenly, Oliver was called by Felicity, who alerted him to Quentin wanting to meet. Despite initially fearing it would be about Sara, he was told of a corporate financier named John Burke who'd been killed through seemingly similar means to Sara.

Back at the foundry, Dig and Oliver brainstormed possible archers, Oliver suggesting only 10 he knew of, most of whom were in the League of Assassins counting out those, as they didn't target their own. Felicity alerted them to a new attack by the archer, so Oliver had Diggle check A. At the crime scene, The Arrow prevented the man from escaping, before finding out that the man he was looking for wore a black hockey mask.

Patching through to Felicity, she was able to pinpoint Lacroix. As Komodo almost shot an arrow at a victim, Arrow intercepted. They began driving at each other on motorbikes shooting arrows though Komodo won the match and escaped. Back at the base, they decided on a new tactic - rather than searching for Lacroix, they would attempt to search for his targets. The search took a while, causing Oliver to become impatient and Felicity to become annoyed at him in return. She proceeded to question how Oliver could act so coldly, yet Oliver claimed he could never have that luxury living the life he did.

Felicity simply got more upset and stormed out. Following that, Oliver attempted to call Thea again. Not replying, Roy decided to reveal that she'd left him a note upon her leaving, promising to never return to Starling. Oliver read the letter while Roy apologized, and Oliver simply accepted the apology. Laurel came to the team with information regarding Lacroix and determined his next target, Tom Weston , and Oliver left to Ray Palmer's Star City pledge, despite Laurel's attempts to join him.

At the event, Komodo inevitably attacked Weston but the Arrow and Roy intervened. Despite his efforts, Komodo was eventually pinned to a wall and unmasked. Laurel appeared aiming a gun at Lacroix. She accused him of killing Sara, though he explained where that he was in Bludhaven to night of Laurel's claim.

Oliver dragged Laurel off after she'd realized the gun wasn't loaded. The following morning, Oliver reassured Laurel that Lacroix's alibi was authentic. He promised to eventually find Sara's killer, but he had no clue when that will be and urged her to tell her father of Sara's death. That night, they buried Sara in her previously empty grave, and they all payed their respects.

Back at the foundry, John decided that he would re-join the team, as long as it took to find Sara's killer. Following on from that, Oliver decided that they would have to go find Thea and bring her home. Oliver expressed that he didn't want to die down in the basement, before John told him not to and left. The Arrow ran down a man, questioning him on Sara's death, giving him a piece of evidence from the scene containing his DNA. The man confessed to having been up there drinking but left when Sara showed up after she told them to get lost.

Oliver headed back to the base, frustrated that the trail had gone cold. Felicity revealed to have found Thea's true location: Corto Maltese. The three men decided to head to the country. Once in the country, Diggle and Roy settled in to their hotel while they allowed Oliver to find Thea. Oliver found Thea, working at a cafe who was surprised to see him. They began talking, and he revealed to have two plane tickets home: one of them for her. He empathized with her, asking her to come back home with him. Despite claiming to love him, she refused to return at all. Oliver left to help Diggle with a job for Lyla, finding an A.

Diggle approached as Oliver stayed to watch from afar. After all was clear, they headed to a site, Oliver still observing as backup. When Shaw double-crossed Diggle, Oliver revealed himself, running after Shaw, but he drove away before he could be stopped. They conferred with Lyla, who promised to be sending a wet team to back them up, asking them to keep their powder dry.

However, they chose to disregard her message, going after Shaw instead. They called Felicity, who they asked to ping Shaw's phone and determine his location. Meanwhile, Oliver decided to tell Thea "the truth" in order to get her to come home with them. Diggle reasoned that he'd likely lose Thea if he did, though Oliver further reasoned that he'd already lost her to Corto Maltese. Oliver met with Thea, expressing his fear that he would indeed lose her, but she explained that the lying about her own life, particularly her birth father, was what had driven her away.

In hearing this, Oliver revealed the truth about their father's suicide, which Oliver had always mentioned as an accidental drowning. He explained that both of their parents had sacrificed themselves so both of them could live, so they had to stick together. Oliver met back up with John and Roy at the scene of Shaw's buy. As the buy was going down, a group of hired men arrived and began shooting at the three spies. They began shooting and firing back with homemade bows and arrows. After he'd ran out of arrows, Oliver grabbed Diggle's gun and shot numerous soldiers, much to the surprise of Roy.

Oliver took out the buyer and his guards, taking his laptop of A. They later waited at the airport, disappointed that Thea had not arrived. However, she shortly arrived, much to the particular delight of Oliver. A nearby passenger spilled his coffee all over Thea's hand, though she was unfazed, which weirded out Oliver. Back in Starling, Oliver came across Laurel, who had been injured in a fight. She expressed her wishes to train and help people like Sara had, but Oliver shot her down as he didn't want her to get hurt.

Down in the cave, Oliver and Roy talked about Thea, as Oliver seemed to believe Thea was acting differently. However, they were quickly interrupted by Nyssa, who was looking for Sara. After explaining that Sara had been killed and eventually buried, Nyssa left. Believing she knew something, Oliver asked Roy to follow Nyssa while he met Thea. At the restaurant, Oliver offered to pay, despite being broke, but Thea revealed that she would be buying back Verdant with the help of investors, allowing her to spend a bit of money herself.

Following dinner, Oliver left to follow Nyssa, finding her in an abandoned building which she revealed to be Sara's old place. Nyssa went on to reveal that Sara had been in Starling to confirm rumors that Malcolm was alive much to Oliver's shock. They headed back to the base, where Roy expressed his skepticism. However, Oliver confirmed that he was indeed alive, showing photos they'd found on a camera from Sara's safe-house, dating back only a few weeks.

Following that, they inspected some paper Sara had left in her boot, which Nyssa determined had ghost ink on it, revealed only with heat from a fire. Finding pieces of information regarding an individual named Jansen and that Sara had gone to her father for help, Laurel was sent to talk to Quentin.