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Dear old Devil-may-Care. Devil-may-Care who paid your debts When you'd gone the pace too fast; Devil-may-Care whom the world forgets, But Devil-may-Care to the last.

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Some of you tell today with pride, Aye! You were plucky enough in days gone by But you haven't the saving grace, To look at me boldly in the eye When you meet me face to face.

How do I live? Adopting a devil-may-care attitude towards the National Assembly resolution, Mr Khan told reporters at Banigala that he wanted to use even 'harsher' words to describe parliament.

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NA slams Imran, Rashid for 'cursing parliament'. I'm very excited to be back," said Klisura, whose strong plays and devil-may-care attitude on the court won the hearts of local fans. Cocolife continues recruiting spree, sign Klisura, Milton as imports.

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He is not the typical leader who is deliberate, cautious, diplomatic and courts popularity, but one with a devil-may-care attitude , often abrasive, and reckless in his decisions and choice of words. Political firestorm on Jerusalem.

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And it is an altogether different one to the dashing, devil-may-care attitude of so many managers of the past. But his daughter is concerned about his devil-may-care attitude. This is a candid telling of how a devil-may-care attitude gave rise to one of the most powerful female restaurateurs in the country today. Out of Line.

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The monster was none other than Pepe the Frog, a cheeky anthropomorphic amphibian sporting a devil-may-care attitude while urinating. Chapter 29 opens with this paragraph:. In the prefatory remarks, the following is found:.

Devils May Care

One of the verses includes the idiom as follows:. Of note as well is the fact that the expression is used with the knowledge that readers understand what is meant by the author,. Idiomation believes the expression reaches back at least another 2 generations, to the s. The only being that might care about their actions would be, of course, the Devil hence the expression. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

Devil May Care (Faulks novel) - Wikipedia

I want to know about the origin of the compound adjective devil-may-care : Cheerful and reckless: light-hearted, devil-may-care young pilots All OED has is The exclamation devil may care! The earliest relevant result that I could find on Google Books was from , and it was used there as an exclamation: So where did this exclamation come from?

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Chapter 29 opens with this paragraph: In an old abbey town, down in this part of the country, a long, long while ago—so long, that the story must be a true one, because our great-grandfathers implicitly believed it — there officiated as sexton and grave-digger in the churchyard, one Gabriel Grub.