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  2. Eternal River
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Cosmic Chains

Keitaro Ujiie puts a frenetic spin on Kawaii future bass, pairing fluorescent beats with crystalline, chipmunked vocals. Final Form by Sampa The Great. Rising Australian MC exudes classic hip-hop confidence on her driving new single, doling out inspiring lyrics atop a cinematic, brassy beat.

The Eternal River Featuring I​-​Sarana

Explore music. Adam Swain.

Rome - The River Eternal

DJ Teragram. Purchasable with gift card. Yabuzch - dawn Yabuzch - Eternal River His latest project attempts to explore the visual representations of tradition and modernity including the curious cultural hybrid created by the amalgamation of these two forces.

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Ovahimba Man in Western Dress, Namibia I have no doubt that the subjects I am photographing will be completely unrecognisable within fifty years. Ovahimba Woman with Child, Namibia. When a child from the village goes to school, they mix with children from the town who are Westernised and they soon feel ashamed of how they are dressed and as they grow up, they lose their pride in our traditional ways and this leads to the destruction of our communities.


Eternal River

Ovahimba Headman in Vodacom Shirt, Nambia, An hour or so down the dusty road that leads south through the dense bush is the administrative outpost of Opuwo, a dusty, ram shackle mini metropolis of breeze brick buildings and shipping containers which house saloons and shops with a petrol station and a supermarket.

The information it provides is always factual, but it is not always relevant to the matter at hand - and interpreting its importance can sometimes prove to be quite challenging. The ritual is popular in Urizen - indeed, the version currently in Imperial lore is the version developed in Spiral long before the formation of the Empire. The magic draws on the well-known Urizen hearth magic of eyes and lenses. It is also somewhat popular in Varushka , where a warden who can perform the ritual solo can quickly gather information that may point to the solution of a mystery.

Eternal River - Fyne Ales - Untappd

Wardens and volhov in particular are likely to perform the ritual by peering through a ring, or even a specially made loop, often crafted of weltsilver. This ritual draws its name from the concept that time itself is a river, flowing from the past to the future with the position of the onlooker divining the present. There are even a few unsubstantiated reports that the ritual has occasionally provided information about significant future events that will take place in a location - although all evidence of such results is circumstantial.

In addition to the required focus, the ritual my include runestones , cards, or other divinatory tools. The focus item can be anything that one of the ritualists can look through. Common examples are actual lenses, discs of crystal or glass, polished pieces of tempest jade or ambergelt or even rings of metal. Freeborn magicians may use a piece of polished glass, but some prefer to use a naked flame through which they stare while the ritual is performed, seeing through the flickering fire the shadows of the past.

Eternal River, Vol II

The focus is often washed in pure water, or boiled briefly in water or wine, to improve the clarity with which it sees. There are reports of special magic items , specifically ritual foci that can be used to make it easier for a single caster to perform the ritual and, so the stories go, to empower certain other divinations such as Bright Lantern of Ophis.

Unfortunately, the creation of such items is not common knowledge in the Empire although they are said to be common in part of the Principalities of Jarm. Geometric blue and white designs painted around the eyes of the ritualists are another common element, reinforcing the connection to eyes and vision.

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The rune Sular is often used with this ritual - it is much concerned with discovery than revelation.