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  4. When it's up to you, you most enjoy dining _____side.

They can mean the same thing — 'the choice is yours' — but in some contexts I believe It's down to you can mean 'It's your fault.

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I'm not entirely comfortable with any answers given so far. In BE the meanings are quite distinct and different: it's up to you means the choice is yours whilst it's down to you means it's your responsibility or worse, it's your fault!

If this seems like a weak attempt to understand the phrases, try reversing them. They sound very strange. As in, there is a problem, and it's up to you to fix it, since you are the best person for the job, it's your job to fix it, you have the tools to fix it, etc. I don't know if the two phrases are technically linked, but I see a parallel with "I'm up for it". There's also the other meaning of "it's up to you", which is what Barrie said: the choice is yours. In this case, "it's down to you" implies generally the same thing, but I see it as carrying the extra meaning that everyone else has decided, and now it's time for you to make your choice everyone else has gone, you're the only one left-- it's down to one, which is you.

The service is not processing inputs correctly so ignore the other post and let's try again here. Both are mere idiomatic expressions. Up to you connotes an obligation and its tone is typically affirmative. Down to you , connotes an obligation, or usurpation neither necessarily affirmative of last, negative, deviant, or derelict resort.

The expression, down to me, first came into more less than more vogue in the s as a refrain in the lyric of the rock song, "Under My Thumb," sung by Mick Jagger, Rolling stones: also the song in progress at the Altamont Pass California concert, during which a killing perpetrated by individuals in the hell's angels motorcyle club took place.

Down to, as an alteration of up to, implies not fault or culpability but, rather, the absence or exhaustion, for good or ill, of all alternative choices. It's "down to you" because no one else was or remains available, as a matter of due course or of choice. Longman English Dictionary says. In the following gap fill exercise, Cambridge accepts both versions in their First certificate level B2 , Paper 3, Use of English Your entry can take any form—a piece of writing, a picture, or even architectural plans.

Instinctively, I'd prefer up to you because candidates have the maximum freedom of choice; however, I can also see how down to you would imply they alone, and no one else, are responsible for that choice. Thank you for your interest in this question. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site the association bonus does not count. Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead?


‘It’s Up To You’: Boy Gives Mother Ultimate Motivational Pep Talk

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Ask Question. I see both "It's up to you" and "It's down to you" in conversations. So what's the difference?

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As an example in "So you think you can dance" TV show, after the judges critique the dance routine, the host replies that "It's down to you to vote I've heard "it's come down to you," and "it's left to you", but never "it's down to you. Growing up in Australia in the s I only ever knew "up to you" and found "down to you" irked me quite a bit when I started hearing it in British TV and movies.

I have heard "down to you" in Br.

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I did some investigating on Google Ngrams and found that "down to you" is both much more recent than "up to you" and also much more prevalent in British English than American English. But I do find the semantic differences in the answers here largely apply.

Ricky Nelson - It's Up To You | Releases | Discogs

I think ngmiceli is a little closer: "It's down to you" implies that all other members of some set of people have been eliminated from some set of people; it is used often, but not exclusively, in cases where a set of people was responsible for doing something and the sole survivor would inherit such responsibility.

In an elimination competition, a judge might say "It's down to you two". That doesn't imply responsibility. More like, "one of you two is going to win". A point which neither you, ngmiceli, nor anyone else observed is is that what the phrase implies by itself is simply that the person or people being addressed is the sole remaining member s of some group.

If it was necessary that the group "do" something, it would thus be necessary for the surviving member s to do it, but "it's down to you" doesn't by itself imply that anything needs or needed to be done. Elimination might be by pure chance.

ArtemIce In that example, you are "responsible" for choosing what to eat. This answer is excellent. I actually felt "it's up to you" is an awkward thing to say when someone asks you what you want to eat. Not wrong, but awkward. And anyway, in that case you're making your mother responsible for choosing what to make for breakfast.

When it's up to you, you most enjoy dining _____side.

I can see responsibility in "up to you" as well. I think the more important difference is that "down to you" implies the last member left of some group. There may be no responsibility at all with this. The other day on American Ninja Warrior, only one person made it to the third round of the finals. Peter Morris Peter Morris 1 1 silver badge 5 5 bronze badges. I disagree that either necessarily has anything to do with responsibility.

Both can have responsibility, or not. I hope this video motivates and inspires you, make sure you let me know what you think in the comments below! If you know someone who could use this video, share it with them! Like and subscribe for a new video every Sunday! As students with busy lives it's hard to find time to read and yet it's so important! I gave it a try and really liked it.

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