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Does that have anything to do with poop speed or its position in the intestines or anything? No, it has to do with the muscles of the anus. There are two muscles of control. One muscle, the internal muscle which is active all the time, it's the one that allows you to sit on that chair without shitting on the chair, then you also have the external muscle which is a voluntary muscle like your biceps. And when you need to hold stool in it will contract, and keep the stool on the inside.

The passage that you are describing happens for one of several reasons. One is that the internal muscle has become very labile, meaning any little input inside the anus causes it to relax. Sometimes it relaxes too much, and that can cause stool to slip out. The other reason is you could have hemorrhoids—everybody has hemorrhoids, but people with bigger hemorrhoids sometimes experience gas slipping out between the hemorrhoids and taking with it mucus material produced by the hemorrhoids, which can cause staining of your underwear. That is shockingly gross. How long is gas in our body before it comes out?

About 30 hours. It has to go through five feet of large intestine, and 25 feet of small intestine. Where does the differentiation between burps and farts occur? Why does some gas come out of your mouth vs. It has to do with the configuration and the tone of muscles in your stomach. If you drink a whole lot of liquid with bubbles quickly, if you take one of these [ picks up a can of diet Pepsi ] and down it quickly there will be so much gas produced that the gas will need to go someplace, and the best place to go is to come back up.

If you're drinking a small amount, then it has time to work its way through the small intestine and get to the large intestine, at which point the body starts fermenting it. OK, while I've got you here, what's the strangest thing that you've seen up a butt? Oh, a little of everything—beer bottles, milk bottles, every can of vegetable known to man.

Have you ever seen a beer bottle that broke up there? No, they tend to stay together, beer bottles are fairly strong. I've also seen balloons, condoms, toys with the batteries still working. Do those people waddle in? Well, they usually wait until the middle of the night because they don't want to be seen, and occasionally we have to operate on them.

Do you see more girls or guys with stuff stuck up there? More girls than I would have imagined, but mostly guys—mostly gay guys. I've also had people who want me to operate on their anuses to make their fart sounds a little more appealing. Get the fuck out of here. What kind of a fart sound are they going for? Generally they have a higher pitched sound, and they want something with a lower pitch.

Like a baritone versus a squeaker? So I had to configure their anus skin so their fart sound would be more to their pleasing. Oh shit, you actually did it? Someone paid you to make their farts sound better. Well they tried to put it through with their insurance.

Which insurance company is willing to pay for that? None, so far all the companies have denied it. But the people try and then they end up having to pay for it. Any other weird stuff going on? Vegetarians fart more than non-vegetarians.

Urban Dictionary: fart and run

But hey, if meat eaters have to suffer from smelly farts see 2 , it's only fair vegetarians have to fart more! Your butt can tell the difference between a fart and poop.

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  • It removes a slew of unhealthy (and untasty) chemicals from the body.

The only exception is when you have the runs and your poop is more of a liquid consistency, which confuses said nerve endings and may result in a bit of an accident. Holding in farts isn't harmful. You're not going to explode or anything. Sooner or later your body is going to get that air out. Farting isn't gross. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Celebrities React to Cameron Boyce's Death. Getty Images.

Every time. I can sense when one is coming and hold it in so as to not make any embarrasing sounds and such but when I felt I could do it silently I always let it go thinking its a small chance of it smelling. And most of the time it havent. Or at least thats what i thought. It has been quite an embarrasing discovery since I do not know what people think of me in that matter.

If they have had problems with it or not.

Which Foods Produce the Worst Farts?

I can smell things like sewage, bad food, natural gas, bad breath and feces every time I am subjected to them. And some times others farts, not always but only some times. SO wierd. I cannot smell most farts my own or others It has to be a extremely potent especially bad fart for me to smell it. I remember smelling farts as a kid my brother was the worst! Do any of you also have a sensitivity to certain perfumes or bug repellents etc? Pls help me.

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I am fascinated by all these blog postings about genetic defects in fart detection. We would like to organize a study to clone the Fart Receptor. If you are interested please email megason AT hms. If the study gets of the ground, we would likely draw blood, extract DNA, and sequence your whole genome. Ideal candidates have a family history of fart anosmia e. Here is your chance to get your genome sequenced for free and to contribute to science. Generally I have a very good sense of smell.

I always thought people were just making up the whole skunk stinking thing. After a sinus infection at 17 years old, I have been unable to smell skunk. I am now 47 years old. Recently though when driving through a higher elevations in New Hampshire I once again smelled skunk. Was a temporary thing though. When I arrived home sea level I could no longer smell skunk. I also have had food poisoning a few times through the years due to not being able to smell food that is bad.

I remember once my dog got sprayed by a skunk and I was the designated washer for obvious reasons, I could smell it a bit though. Probably cause it was so concentrated. Now farts I DO smell. Who knows though, maybe not as intensely as the average person however. Well this IS a mystery to me.

I have some fabulously scented roses in my garden. So weird. Because I can smell everything else: apricots stewing and burning , mint, thyme, marjoram, stocks, honeysuckle and yes FARTS!! But no roses. I can smell most farts, rotten food, smelly feet and body odor, flowers, etc, etc. I just cannot smell skunks!

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Very interesting! I sufferred a fall from about 15 feet onto concrete head-first this past summer.

The Fart Primer

I, too, can no longer smell sulfur. I noticed that the aroma of dinner cooking on the stovetop, or the smells when I walk into taco bell, or freshly minced garlic smell very odd now. If someone has an attack of explosive diharrea in the bathroom, I could easily mistake it for someone cooking a pot roast! Thanks for the post. The biggest example of this was when someone at elementary school let off some kind of homemade stink bomb. I remember everyone in the class suddenly stood up and ran out of the room, shrieking about the smell but I never smelled a thing.

However, in a very sheep-like manner I also ran out of the room and played along. Usually, I see that this is kind of a blessing. Mostly I have coped by being an compulsive over-showerer, deodorant-applier, and laundry-doer as I am worried I will be the last to know if I am the smelly one. Somewhat ironically I work in QC in food production.

13 Foods That Are Making You Fart Like Crazy

I have learned though that there is a wide spectrum of off-flavors and only certain percentages of people are sensitive to certain ones. I am very sensitive to sourness and fruity off-flavors but have almost no ability to detect oxidation or rancidity. It is an interesting area of study. I am so thankful I came across this site! I was in Yellowstone park in the middle of the geothermal wonders breathing as deeply as possible and nothing.

Same thing with a skunk 2 weeks ago. I had this experience one time. So I work in the healthcare field and one day we had a patient that everyone said had a bm during a procedure and it smelled so bad that they sprayed perfume on their masks to help reduce the odor. I normally smell everything so I have no idea what happened to me that day. THANK you for your article! This has been a serious issue in my marriage. She told me the other kids had learned to shower every day but my husband never did.

He showers once a week — and has anal leakage. He has no idea how disgusting it is to live with him. I have to ask him to change his clothes. Who wants to share a bed with a person who smells like poop, and whose bed smells like poop?? I stayed married because of my religion.