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Eventually we get sick. But it turns out we don't want to die, even though life is weird and hard. Being alive is too entertaining. And Baker's stories are entertaining in the same way that real life is entertaining.


Her characters are as wry and wacky as anyone you'd meet in an Anne Tyler novel. Like Tyler, Baker is gaining recognition for her storytelling skill. She has had a short story included in the O. Henry Award collection for two years in a row now. Baker's new book, "Loving Wanda Beaver," is her second collection of short stories. She was living in Utah when that first collection came out. Baker says her writing changed during the four years she lived in Salt Lake City. In a phone interview from her home in Ruch, Ore. Landscape, nature, became a bigger part of her stories just because it was a bigger part of the author's life.

The light is different and the streets are much wider - not like in Boston. The landscape is one of major factors of living here. Baker grew up in Crawfordsville, "the Athens of Indiana," she notes in a short author's autobiography.

a poem that will change your perspective on life

The town was also the home of Gen. Lew Wallace, who wrote "Ben-Hur. All this may have given me the idea that literature was to be taken seriously; Gen. Wallace had, of course, been a famous general, but everything in town but the Lew Wallace Motor Inn was named after his book, not his battles. Her father was a poet who taught at Wabash College. Baker went to Reed College, where she too was a poet. I was elated to discover I could do something other than write poems: I was pretty good at looking things up" and did a heck of a job shelving books.


She returned to Indiana for a master's degree in library science. She describes the next decade or so, being a medical librarian in Chicago and at a genetic research lab in Maine "the world's largest producer of inbred strains of mice. Nude mice, waltzer mice, spotted and twirler and dwarf mice.

I was a mouse librarian! She was, however, willing to give it all up when she fell in love with a visiting biochemist. They married. How our sun must love blue. Matt Rader b. Two Hours on the Train During two hours on the train I rerun the film of my life Two minutes per year on average Half an hour for childhood Another half-hour for prison Love, books, wandering take up the rest the hand of my companion gradually melts into mine and her head on my shoulder is as light as a dove When we Jordan Abel b.

Poor Speaker I understand you. I get it. You want me to understand. Got it. Wayne Keon b. Hail Hello from inside the albatross with a windproof lighter and Japanese police tape.

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Adam Dickinson b. The limpness of a bird's legs in flight. The place, the question, the question. The place, the interest, the question. There is the place. There is what you do in the place. There is your belief. There is the faith in a knowing. There is your instruction by the gods. There is your instruction as you are told.

9 Books of Poems That Prove 2018 Was a Fantastic Year — at Least for Poetry.

There is your relief Aisha Sasha John b. K was supposed to come with the key, I was K was supposed to come with the key, I was to wait outside the gate. I arrived on time, the time we had agreed on and waited, as agreed, outside the gate. I waited a long time, waited and waited, waited a very long time. I stood next to the security guard from Securitas, who also stood outside the gate. I waited, the security guard Ulrikka Gernes b.

Favourite place to hide. I didn't breathe. They looked so long I died. Don Paterson b. We posed with our wide grins and best-friends-forever certainty. Souvankham Thammavongsa b.

More by Christina Rossetti

We laugh. Everyone is half-naked in I-See-U. Behind a grey curtain, a thump and quiet invoke Code Blue. We uncover your bottom line, the Left Main of a black-and-white heart, hand-drawn Madhur Anand b. Susan Holbrook b. Christian severity etched in the lines he draws from his mouth.

Wry | Poetry In Voice

Clearly a noble man who believes in work and mission. See how he rises from Armand Garnet Ruffo. Aphra Behn Cowboy Story The books sit on the shelf, a row of coma patients in a ward, a series of selves no longer able to learn and trapped at the point of injury: the last page. At the donor clinic I offer my arm to the spigot of the needle and think, as I see the bag fill with blood, there goes some of me. George Murray b. The Boxers We were combatants from the start. Michael Longley b. Groping in the thicket, about to pinch the dangling berry, my fingerpads close on air.

Word, please send over this black stretch of ocean your singular flare, Elise Partridge — Dream Jobs Random Link Clicker. Royal Bath Taker. Receiver of Foot Rubs and Praise. Ingenue Emeritus. Good Samaritan Emeritus. Undersecretary of Trivial Pursuits. Chief Executive Napper. Chancellor of the Exchequer of the United Kingdom of Spring. Procurer of Unnecessary Hats. Empress of Ice Cream. Suzanne Buffam b. Five Postcards from Jericho Dear Regret, my leaning this morning, my leather foot, want of stone, age old, my burnished and bruised, hair lingering, hand caked, spongy as November, my dear Relentless, my dear Aging, Sina Queyras b.

Song for a Silent Treatment. I told her, in plain language, how I felt. It doesn't matter. Allons, feignons David McGimpsey b. Money Coin Exhibit, British Museum. Their misshapenness strikes the table in tiny splashes, like still-cooling splatters of silver. Stater and shekel, mina and obol. Athens an owl, Messana a hare, a jar for Terone, Melos a pomegranate. Call it museum money, written Carmine Starnino b. Portrait of Alice with Elvis Queen and King, they rule side by side in golden thrones above the clouds.

Stephanie Bolster b. A diamond ring. It ate promises and rants. Sue Goyette b. Rachel Boast b. Interesting People of Newfoundland Newfoundland is, or was, full of interesting people. Like Larry, who would make a fool of himself on street corners for a nickel. There was the Russian who called himself the Grand Duke, and who was said to be a real duke from somewhere, John Ashbery - Echolalia Once one gets what one wants one no longer wants it.

One no longer wants what? One no longer wants what one wanted. Ian Williams b. I Have Not Lingered in European Monasteries I have not lingered in European monasteries and discovered among the tall grasses tombs of knights who fell as beautifully as their ballads tell; I have not parted the grasses or purposefully left them thatched Leonard Cohen