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In Egypt this anointing was depicted as a baptism in the living waters or keys tones of life. The face of Jesus can be seen in the crescent sitting atop the Axis. The serpent is at the bottom, identifying this as an Amurru or Meru pillar; the Tree of Life. Some researchers of Akhenaton have concluded that his successor and brother, Tutankhamun, was the historical Jesus. These associations illuminate the numerous portrayals of Jesus as a young shepherd with a lamb, the symbol of wisdom, on his shoulders. The Christos -- the tone, frequency or vibration -- is literally the white or pure carrier wave for this wisdom.

INRI, we may conclude, is another term for manna. Mayan oracles say this will commence in In all early Christian art Jesus uses the rod when performing miracles. I believe this rod is symbolic of the Meru Pillar. Vatican Museum. The portrayal of Jesus raising Lazarus on the previous page is a virtual carbon copy of this scene. According to this legend, the Three Magi were given a small casket containing a stone. On their journey home they cast the stone into a well of great depth and immediately fire descended from heaven into that well, then reared up in a blaze that lit the sky.

Meru reaches , miles into space, according to the Indian epic the Mahabarata. This is the true Holy Grail. Bacon prophesied the New Atlantis as a technologically and spiritually advanced civilization that would arise in America. The symbolism of Meru reveals the American connection. This is the simple symbol for the cosmic mount Meru. The dot in the center of the circle is equal to the point at the top of the ringed or ringing Meru cone.

The eye is the Egyptian symbol for sun and gold. Meru is considered the Golden World. We may come to a deeper understanding of these Meru Pillars by keeping in mind that Meru was the name for the central mountain of Atlantis. The people of Atlantis, called Merodes or. Meru symbolism reveals this source. The Divine Circle , we noted, is the symbol for the eye, for gold and is a top-down view of the Meru pillar.

Atlantis was also known as Ultima Thule or Tula. The ancients considered Tula the source of our souls, and the source of manna. This zero point is also a potential source of an immense and virile or Vril power. The zodiacal sign for Libra, the scales, representing balance is. To me, resembles the rising hub of the Milky Way. It represents the Holy Spirit, also called the Word, the essence of life, manna. The center of the galaxy is where most stars and entities are formed due to the closer proximity and the larger magnetic and gravitational fields.

Metaphysicians claim this realm of light is the home of millions of crystaline light beings. Like Meru, it requires spiritual vision to perceive it. To pull back this cloak is to reveal the secrets of creation , and the secrets of the Illuminati. Tela is web. Teli is also TLI. The object of earth life was to cross these waters. Tun also means maize or corn. To the alchemists corn is gold. It was the Adon Jesus, the fish, who delivered the secret of the Word to the disciples in a cornfield on the Sabbath.

As recorded in Matthew , Mark , Luke Jesus and the disciples secretly rubbed corn in their hands. When the Pharisees discovered them they questioned Jesus. His reply, given in Matthew is most illuminating. From this we may conclude that Jesus was teaching the disciples the secrets of manna while in the cornfield. Theoretically, when one takes the Long Walk at the Capitol Mall in Nashville they are absorbing the energy or ring of Heaven through their body system. In so doing, they are absorbing the deepest secrets of Jesus, and as we will see, are simultaneously putting on the Cloak of the Illuminati The clue that led me to Nashville as a possible location for the Meru center of the New Atlantis was provided when Henry Wallace said the New Country was going forth to meet the Seven Stars under the Three Stars.

Where is this? The first three stars that come to mind are the three belt stars of Orion. In Mongolian myth they were associated with Meru. Stars prompt us to look to state flags. Tennessee is the only state in the union whose flag has three and only three stars. If Wallace was indicating Tennessee, then where are the seven stars under the three stars in Tennessee? Two groups of seven stars vied for attention in the ancient world. The Pleiades, also called the Hathors, and the constellation. Both constellations have important Tennessee connections. In East Tennessee the Cherokee oral tradition related by Dhyani Ywahoo, a twenty-seventh generation Cherokee, tells a story whose elements are by now familiar to us.

The first spark of individuated mind came from there as well. From the Void came a Creator Being who first appeared as a universal tone that was also a light. There were twelve tribes in all, each coalescing along twelve vortices or holes in the Earth. These original twelve tribes were called the Tsalagi Nation. Each nation handled a particular vortex and a particular responsibility. The Egyptians claimed a worm-like creature named Chnoubis was the guardian of this 12angled pyramid.

In fact, Cherokee religion appears to be structured around their knowledge of Quartz crystal. The sky is the limit on the potential of this knowledge. For instance, our modern computer industry is based upon our knowledge of Quartz crystal and its ability to augment, store, amplify and transmit information.

The grid or matrix of Earth is largely composed of crystal. Or, is there another possible equally phenomenal location in Tennessee? Astonishingly, there is. Another name for these seven stars is Meru. The Arab association of the word Nash with a coffin is stunning when it is realized that Nash-ville, Tennessee is a giant Indian graveyard, a great coffin!

As soon as I ciphered Nashville out of the Wallace letter, I began searching the landscape for signs of the seven stars. As we will see as we continue, Middle Tennessee, including Nashville,. One day I came upon a pair of twin 20 foot tall monoliths on Jefferson St. These monoliths had the design on page 2 etched onto it.

As I looked at the enormous slab of pink granite, that seems rugged enough to stand a thousand years, at least, I recalled a drawing of Mount Meru that I had seen in a book on the sacred mountains of Asia.

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One of a pair of monoliths marking the Tennessee Bicentennial Mall. The two places were obviously similar to me. But what were they? Ovason notes that at a subliminal level the Washington Monument is designed so that no matter where one is in Washington they will see the pyramid floating in the skies on its shaft of light. Cross-checking ancient mysteries, we find that such shafts are called On or An in Egypt in tribute to Anu, the Sumerian god of light.

The hieroglyph for An is self-explanatory. The word mall is a play on male, as the Washington Monument, the Su-Meru drawing and the Tennessee Mall are all phallic or Mentula symbols. In the ancient world they were known as the ashera symbols of the goddesses who were known as the Mediatrix. Importantly, Ovason revealed the connection between the layout of the Washington D. She was the provider of the Bread of Life, the manna. Prayers to Mary are an intricate part of Roman Catholic worship.

There is no biblical basis for this idea. In fact, 1 Timothy proclaims that Jesus is the sole Mediator between God and man. This statement suggests that there is neither any place, nor any necessity for another mediator or peacemaker. So, why the massive centuries-long effort to add Mary as Mediatrix? Is it simply that humanity is in desperate need of the feminine touch? A giant human holds a bulb-shaped object in which a serpent or tube is floating. The bulb-shaped object and the snake end in a TET pillar, from which a cable leads to a small box, on top of which the air or wind god, Heh, is kneeling.

A frog-headed goddess with two sharp knives stands nearby. This relief holds an important key to our mystery. Mural from the Temple of Hathor at Denderah. Likely, it was built on the pad of a former temple. The ancient Egyptians honored a tradition that asserted that no site was sacred unless it had been built upon the foundations of an earlier sacred site. Peace, to the prophets, is the unity of Heaven and Earth. To be initiated into the holy science of her cult of love brought a privileged status after death.

These interpretations are instructive and possibly accurate.

However, they do not take into account the Peacemaking role of this goddess. Nor to they take into account the puns intended by the serpent, including the serpent as a symbol for souls, wisdom or enlightenment. In this light, the Denderah reliefs appear to encode instructions whereby individuals can retrieve or turn on within themselves a special Light transmitted from Heaven and connect Heaven and Earth. Now, more than ever, Peacemakers must claim their power tools and put on their cloaks of light. The Immaculate Conception was now doctrine. Another bull followed sixteen years later that declared the infallibility of the pope, making it impossible to challenge the Church on any article of dogma.

As noted by F. It is no wonder that a copy of her rod was built here. It is fitting that the goddess Kore Tula stands on top of the dome. On the inside of the dome is the Apotheosis of Washington. Thomas Crawford — like George Washington — was a Mason. Interestingly, the Tennessee State Capitol building which sits atop a mound at the base of the Capitol Mall was designed by William Strickland, an associate of the Illuminist Thomas Jefferson whose occult book is written in the Masonry of Monticello, the University of Virginia, and the layout of Washington DC.

Looking from Capitol Hill in any direction, we see other beautiful hills. They seem to make a circle around the city. Long before modern times the site of the Mall had been a place of enormous repute. The linguistic similarity of their name suggested that the Mandan were one in the same as the Mandaeans followers of John the Baptist. Mayan scholar, Graeme Kearsley, recently corroborated this speculation. Significantly, Kanopi or Kanobi. This tower, as we will see, was fashioned after Meru. One of my guests on the Long Walk was a shaman from the Yucatan who had done decades of research on Mayan temples and Mormon history.

He concluded that the tablets of Moroni had been housed in Nashville at one time. Further, he claimed Nashville is the new City of Light. He had come to Nashville to investigate his findings. This gentleman brought a crystal skull to Nashville with him. The new seal represents the combination of the Nashville city seal and the Davidson County logo.

The meaning of the Indian holding the Spear and Skull is a mystery. Elliston, made the first engraving of the Great Seal of Nashville in The judges decided the most likely identification was Oconostota, a Cherokee war leader. In a story recounted by Smithsonian historian Roger G. Kennedy,20 during a lull in the fighting Sevier asked Oconostota who built the mound and fortified ceremonial center an astronomical observatory that resembles Stone Henge in England over which they were fighting.

Oconostota obliged. It is the amazing saga of the Twelfth Century new DNA evidence says sixth century seafarer that established settlements in the middle of America three hundred years before Columbus. He holds a bundle of arrows called a fasces under his right arm. A fleur-de-lis is mounted on the top of the radiant Seal. The link is the Templar Johanites who traced their origins to the Mandaeans. This order of Templar Mandaeans claimed a direct line of transmission from John the Baptist, who they said was the true Christ.

In my opinion, this skull is a symbol for a skill traced to the Kanobi, who called it Chrestos. Nicholas Roerich was a master at communicating through ancient symbols. Both thieves and conquerors often seize symbols, he knew. Politically they are of great importance because of the feelings attached to them. It is a goddess symbol that stands for the Grail vessel. Roerich knew that symbols also encode a secret sacred science of the Illuminati.

Roerich had high political aspirations. His Roerich Peace Pact and its symbol, , was his calling card. Just as the humanitarian purpose of the Red Cross is embodied in a protective sign and banner, this distinctive Banner of Peace, flown at all sites of cultural activity and historical value, would declare them neutral, independent of combatant forces during wartime. Many world leaders and prominent persons such as Albert Einstein and H.

Wells endorsed it. Roerich borrowed the symbol for the Banner of Peace from a. The Court of the Three Stars in Nashville. It is a symbol for Hathor, the Lady of the. It is a powerful invocation of earth powers according to the ancient science of symbol magic. In the drawing shown here from an Egyptian bowl, the three fish gather at a point in a circle , the hieroglyph for sun, light, gold and the Milky Way. It symbolizes the supreme spiritual principle. The lotus blossoms symbolize unfolding awareness. Its earliest known example appears on Stone Age amulets. In India it. In China it is found at the Temple of Heaven.

Jesus is often called the Word made flesh. The three-sphere cluster later became cryptograms that were extremely important to the Essenes and the Gnostic Grail heretics, including the Cathars Kathars and Mandan, which they held sacred and secret. Thus, the Roerich symbol and its derivatives, appears to be the symbol for the Meru Axis of Love. Another person deeply interested in the secrets of the Mandan was the Illuminist Thomas Jefferson.

He visited the Languedoc region of Southern France, the home of the Cathars in the spring of More provocatively, according to Spence, they also resemble a Rosicrucian code in use before the time of Jefferson. There is little to wonder why the symbols matched. Jefferson, it is claimed, was a Rosicrucian and Illuminati. Out of all his 6, books, Jefferson said he knew of no better teacher than a good dictionary.

Bear in mind the Rosicrucians believed they were reviving Egyptian possibly Atlantean teachings. Before and during his presidency Jefferson spent considerable time researching the language of the Indians of Northeastern America and comparing them with North African including Egyptian languages in hopes of discovering a connection between America and Egypt.

History knows very little of what Jefferson discovered in his search to connect America with Egypt. Finding nothing of apparent value, the thief threw the trunk in the James River. Friends rescued a few of the manuscripts that washed to shore, and sent them to the genius scholar muddy and smeared. Did he learn the secret symbols of the Kanobi and Jesus? Interestingly, Cathar watermarks showed a serpent hanging on a cross spitting the Word symbol.

Symbolically, the Cathar drawing duplicated on the next page is a cross, pole, pillar or axis linking it with the Meru Axis of Love. It is beyond coincidence to me that the same symbolic pillar is found in all three places. Notice the similar location of the horns. It would be easy to speculate that the Sage of Monticello retrieved the Meru blueprint from the Cathars of the Languedoc in and gave it to Strickland, who deposited it in the State Capitol in Nashville like a time capsule waiting to be opened in the s. If we were to conclude here, however, we would walk on by the secret of the manna and the Cloak of the Illuminati.

MANNA According to the mystics, the properties of the manna theoretically produced by the Meru super-antenna are mindboggling. One instantly knows all languages including the universal Language of the Birds or Angels. They become psychic. They can tune into the thoughts and emotions of anyone anywhere in the world. They can remote view anyone or anything, anywhere. They become healers. In a word, they become angelic.

The existence, or the belief in the existence of such a force or transmission of healing energy, is known throughout time and almost always is spoken of in spiritual terms. The Bible, too, confirms this. In Egypt manna was always depicted as a conical cake or a semicircle. This metallic heaven-sent bread, notes Laurence Gardner,1 was used to feed the Light body, as against the physical body, and the Light body the Egyptian KA was deemed to be the consciousness.

Nearly all languages had a cognate of this word, the basic meaning of which was ma-ternal, ma-gic, supernatural ma-gnetic force and a title of the Mediatrix, Ma-Ma or Queen of Heaven, who was known as the Lady of the Mill. This Manna Stone is equivalent to the body of Christ as described in the gospel of John In Christian terms this is the host, the Lord, who is the Bread-maker, or Breadgiver. This White or Pure Stone can transmute any element. It transmits purity to all it touches. It can cure any disease, instantly. The Gnostics, including the Cathars, believed that human souls were confined in the body as in a prison.

Their sufferings would end once they passed to a higher form of existence. The White or pure manna Stone brought about their katharsis or purification, and their enlightenment. All this power leaves little to wonder why in place of the sacred science of angels and the means to transform the human body, a crummy wafer and cheap wine were substituted for the true manna in Christian communion ceremonies.

It also explains why the true potential of the Meru Axis of Love would be kept secret. It takes no consideration of any left-brained facts - even not to those written in books about the Capitol Mall. These texts state the purpose of the Mall. The function of this place is purely mundane. Thomas Jefferson and Franklin Roosevelt have nothing to do with it. On one level the critical may be correct in their assessment of this place. However, they fail to realize that they are being shown a key to a spiritual mystery passed along for centuries. If the similarity between the pillars cannot be explained by architectural intention, how then, do we account for it?

Pure Chance? Divine Intervention? This would not be surprising. The Illuminati of ancient cultures, such as the Sumerians and the Egyptians, made profuse use of bird-brained symbol play, wordplay, puns and puzzles to express significant spiritual principles. Some symbols are made to symbolize other symbols. Words have multiple levels of meaning. Both are like round smoke rings when they leave the mouth.

One can touch the ring of a word or symbol — especially a living symbol as, for example, the Meru Pillar — and enter into a web of relationships. My sense is that the Meru pillar is not looked upon as an idol but as a symbol or a banner for an ideal, which is similar to the Serpent Pole of the Jews lifted by Moses or the Christian Cross. Its appearance whether in stone, wood or paper is a flag, a signal or marker. This book should be seen as an invitation to an exploration rather than as a set of answers. More than likely the Meru pillar is a mandala a shortened form of manna-dala or schematic or blueprint whose symbols point to the function of the actual thing.

They are most commonly seen in two-dimensional form. They are blueprints of the three-dimensional palace of the deity, including the architectural design and many of the decorative details. Every detail of the blueprint is a symbol representing an aspect of the teaching. The texts indicate that the mandala can be drawn, painted, made of particles, or constructed by meditative concentration.

There are also two and three-dimensional mandalas constructed out of wood, metal, or other solid materials such as plants and trees like the Capitol Mall.

William Henry - Address, Phone Number, Public Records | Radaris

There are two types of meditation mandalas, which are constructed in the mind of the student. In one, the practioner visualizes the entire mandala in miniature. The Meru mandala including the Nashville garden provides the instructions for doing so. Meru myth is permeated by the mystique of the number seven. Mount Meru has seven levels. The seven stars of the Big Dipper or the Plough were called Meru. Jesus, the son of Mary Mari or Meru holds seven stars in his hand when he appears to John in the Book of Revelation, suggesting he is holding the Meru Pillar as in the Coptic illustration shown previously.

In the East, the seven stars are found within the human body. They are variously described. In Christian tradition, the seven chakras symbolize the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit to the Church -- the sacraments, doctrine, office, polity, prayer and the powers to loosen fission and to bind fusion. These seven steps compose the ladder that reaches into the heavenly realms.

They are the seven veils that cloak the soul. It is a golden tube nerves are shown as yellow in nearly all modern textbooks on neurology through which moves the breath of the soul. Here we notice that the column culminates in a triceps symbol , the symbol in the Court of Three Stars at the apex of the Tennessee Pillar.

Compare with the double-helix configuration of the DNA-molecule containing the genetic code of life. Notice the water, the Nun or Matrix, upon which the figure is standing. Winding around them are the two serpents of the Kaduceus rod of Meru-cury, the Roman name for the Holy Spirit. The seven gates correspond with the seven bodily endocrine centers. An endocrine gland is one that secretes chemical substances hormones directly into the blood stream. Scientists have discovered that this system can be tuned to resonate at specific frequencies or tones, as for example, with tuning forks. In biology and physiology, secrete means to separate a substance from the circulating fluid, as the blood, sap, etc.

This art and science centered upon the collection of these currents star waves to bring personal wellbeing and enlightenment peace that translated into a collective enlightenment Peace. Peace is the unity of heaven and earth. Not, as some would believe, the absence of conflict between warring political factions or jealous religions. The artisans who practiced the ancient science now called geomancy collected the undulating magnetic currents of the Earth, nailing them to the cross with points of light called needles at specific places, creating sanctuaries of spiritual power.

Serpents symbolized these currents. Their source was the center of our Milky Way galaxy. Serpents have always haunted the human imagination. During the period spanning the sixth through the eighteenth centuries, while Christianity was suffering its Dark Age, the Sufis, the mystical Muslims, of Baghdad built the city into a thriving intellectual and cultural center.

Iraqis today look back on this period as the zenith of their Islamic past, when Arabic universities and libraries flourished, translating Greek texts into Arabic, and giving life to medical and mathematical texts that the medieval West ignored: the secrets of the Stone. Ultimately, the Golden Fleece symbolized, for the Illuminati, two treasures. The Holy Grail was in fact the Meru Axis of Love that produced the Eucharist; the body of Christ the lamb symbolized by a wafer body and wine blood.

This Stone was also Christ the lamb to the alchemists. The most important of the Sufi poets is Jalaluddin Rumi d. Born to a noble family in Bactria located in modern Afghanistan , he settled in Asia Minor Iconium where he taught, founded the Mevlevi Order popularly known as the Whirling Dervishes , and wrote poetry in Persian.

The word dervish comes from derew, or Druid. Rumi was an esotericist. The description of his search for God, which he gives in the following. I went to the idol temple, to the ancient pagoda No trace was visible there. I bent the reins of search to the Kaaba, He is not in that resort of old and young. I gazed into my own heart; There I saw him, he was nowhere else, In the whirl of its transport my spirit was tossed, Till each atom of separate being I lost.

The whirling or spiral path through these Seven Pillars of Wisdom corresponds to that through the seven-branched menora, the seven planets, the seven sacred caves of Cibola Sabala of the Maya, the seven lights of the Zohar, the seven days of creation, and the seven heavens. The Ka-duceus symbolizes the path of these serpents, as does the whirlwind , which, is the whirling serpents of the Ka-duceus viewed from the bottom up.

The healing energy begins its journey in the sacral area at the lower part of the spinal column and is heaved up to the upper brain. The seventh heaven chakra is at the crown of the head, or more precise, slightly above the head. It is also the chimney of Santa Claus. The vertebrae, as a whole, is called the. It is the compliment to the Bread of Life. Horus and Set operate it.

Thus, through the contentious but ultimately cooperative opposition of the gods Horus and Set, who became Jesus and Satan , the royal name, placed here at the top of the wind ing -pipe, can be voiced or uttered. One either side of the cartouche at the top of the drill we find the bread and key of life symbol shown together.

The bread and key of life symbols. From this churning mill mall emerges the milk of Peace from the Mul the Sumerian word for stars. The Seven Rishis stars of Meru, the sons of Brahm, knew all its powers including the real property of the true Soma which is to make a new human, an Illuminati of the Initiate, after he is reborn, namely once they begin to live through the light body. These Seven. Hence the Island of Reil is the North Pole of the body. When Santa Claus shimmies down his chimney the trunk of the Axis of Love he brings with him a secretion that is a wonderful gift, the essence of life, the Coat of Many Colors, the Cloak of the Illuminati.

The suture of the skull, where the bones meet, is called the claustrum. The claustrum is a thin sheet of gray matter also known as the mantle. In anatomy the mantle is the cortex, the thin layer of the cerebrum, the main part of the brain, which is divided into two hemispheres. In Matthew,14 John the Baptist is made to be the reincarnated prophet Elijah. A secret secretion united the hemispheres of his brain, giving a unique power of manifestation manna-festation that allowed him to control the molecules of water.

Many readers have no doubt deduced that the seven gates or energy centers of the chakra system are perfectly marked and appropriately symbolized at the Tennessee Capitol Mall. Therefore, it too is a blueprint that encodes the Transmission of. The seven levels at the Mall are the water gate, the Earth gate, the solar gate, the heart gate, the throat gate, the Gate of Three Stars, and the Halo Gate. In the next two chapters we shall take a brief Long Walk of the Mall and its seven gates. This is the spring from which pours forth the fountain of life or living energy that charges or vitalizes everything.

Spilled on Earth are all the joys of heaven, says an anonymous author. After dwelling in the center of the galaxy, the seed or zero point of our universe in Tibetan symbolism , the soul crosses the Cosmic Ocean, called the Waters of Nun None, by the Egyptians. It weaves a human body suit of flesh and blood from DNA. Life, the soul, takes refuge in the blood.

The root chakra reminds of who we truly are, children of the. From this Matrix each individual soul arises, phoenix-like. The food we eat, the air we breathe, the people we meet all come from this same Matrix. This validates us to know that we are just as amazing as the next person. The metaphor of the soul as a fish out of water is carried over into the laws of Earth. A certificate of live birth, or manifest, is written itemizing the details of the docking, as well as the condition of the cargo for presentation to officials. The baby the ark or vessel is given an identification number an SS, Sailing Ship or Social Security number that is used to track the soul as it sails the waters of earth life.

The numbers on the back of the SS card are written in red, symbolic of blood. From the moment of birth, until its demise, the manifestation of the human biological machine is strictly regulated on Earth. The soul is given liberty, a granted privilege to go ashore, not freedom. The only real freedom the soul has is freedom to choose. If it gets into trouble the accused soul finds itself in court standing on the dock. In America, the United States government claims title to the human biological transformational machine. It is considered chattel, property, and an asset in a vast production machine.

Government authorities regulate all substances energy inputted into the five primary sensors of this boat of the soul that constitute its energetic make-up a major control mechanism and its output. Its anticipated consumption of resources and production of goods and services is calculated along with the cumulative tax dockage fee for use of the U.

This lump sum is mortgaged, pledged as collateral by the United States government to borrow money from financial interests the International Monetary Fund. Eerily, all legal correspondence between the government of the United States and the soul-vessel-ark-container, the product, features the name of the person in capitol letters, just like the tombstone that marks the demise sinking of the vessel, and the discarding and recycling of the cargo.

This is because, metaphysically and legally speaking, the soul is considered to be dead while sailing in its earthly container. It is a ship in the bottle. It is cloaked in darkness. Society is oriented toward the suppression of human spiritual power, rather than the blossoming of its potential. It is being fed or feeding itself a steady diet of terror to insure this is so.

However, there is an alternative. The soul can overcome fear and alter the machine. It can put on the Cloak of the Illuminati. Children play in the water gate. At the Capitol Mall the root chakra is marked by a crescentshaped black stone water gate, and a bow of zigzagging fountains that children play in during the summer time; a perfect and poignant symbol of this chakra. The water gate elegantly features the crescent symbol of the Moon, from whence myth says our.

As the very base of the Axis of Love the water gate maintains a constant flow of energy. It is also capable of shooting bursts of power through the Axis. These bursts lay coiled like a serpent waiting the moment to shoot fire! The Cloak unfurls in this manner. Again, what do we see at the Mall but a perfectly positioned dividing line of water? When made visible on Earth, the serpent in the instant of manifestation is the sacred made manifest.

It shows a man confronting the Life Force energy made manifest on the ground before him. Interestingly, was used by the alchemists to denote the essence or the spirit. For this reason the serpent in the jar at Denderah may be thought of as the Holy Spirit. The primordial connection between the serpent and the waves of energy of the cosmic ocean is without question a key source in explaining the origin of the universal use of the serpent as the symbol for healing wisdom. To the biochemist, then, the first miracle of Jesus according to John, that of changing water into wine at the marriage feast of Cana in Galilee is a literal anatomical process, taking place with every heartbeat in the human body.

This miracle takes place in the embryo when the soul parts or splits the waters of the sea of blood the Red Sea and begins to create the warm-blooded human being. With the addition of human blood, consciousness moves from heredity evolution to environment -from inward to outward perception. In this way blood acts as a mediator or mediatrix between Earth and Heaven.

Each soul is a seed of the Source Tree. The ultimate act of consciousness is called Canonization in the Christian tradition. This is when one becomes a saint, effectively dividing or setting oneself apart from the rest of humanity. This flame streaming from their heads signified super-intelligence and illumination. This is also the root of candle. In early Christian history, those who had received baptism were called illuminati and were given a lighted taper as a symbol of their spiritual enlightenment.

Secret revealed the green silk on the table of the Tabernacle the Grail castle represents green Earth. A candle is a flower of light. Just give a flower to a loved one to see the electricity flowers contain. What differentiates the blood of Christ from normal human blood? What made it flower? How did he put on the Cloak? We will continue to look at the relationship of these two themes. Devoting attention to those prophetical words, blood and bloom, will shine light on perhaps darkened rooms within ourselves, until the dawn breaks and a new light flows through our veins and arises in our hearts.

That we are examining this question at all is a powerful step toward putting on the Cloak of the Illuminati. Blood and bloom are associated in ancient texts, but rarely in modern spiritual conversation. The Meru rod provides a blueprint. This concept is present in a number of Essene texts immediately preceding and following the New Testament. It appears that the writers of the New Testament were aware of these texts, though they never refer to them explicitly in the Gospels.

Nor do the Gospels provide instructions for altering the blood. References to the blood as a flower caused to bloom by a light appear only between the lines. If activated, the body can. The entire underlying theory of alchemy is that something must be developed within and secreted from the human body, which will enable the seeker to make oneself over into a go l d.

It is the Gift of God. This force field acts upon the observer and puts him in a privileged position in relation to the universe. From this privileged position he has access to realities that space and time, matter and energy, normally conceal from us. This is what we call the Great Work.

The word trump means in original Greek, a vibration, tone, wave, or reverberation. In angelic symbolism it represents the instrument that joins Heaven and Earth. As we will explore, humanity is in the process of changing itself physically, emotionally and spiritually to receive and live in a new Transmission. This is about more than becoming decorative blossoms.

Activating our inner potential may be our only chance for evolution and survival. If we bring ourselves into alignment with it, it will raise the entire race beyond the petty confines of our limited existence. We will be forced to adapt to a higher Law. It is symbolized by the square , the symbol for the combination of the four-cornered Earth and the four elements — earth, air, fire and water.

It corresponds with the pubic region of the body. Fittingly, this chakra is marked by a square patch of grass at the Capitol Mall and a corresponding square area on the Meru drawing. The square is also a symbol of the goddess. The idol of the goddess was a white stone and that of her son was the small black cube now in the holy KA BA. Once properly squared the stone or soul is ready to be fitted for its place in the Temple the galaxy at large.

In the spiritual body the second chakra emits shining, translucent light in all directions. Hence, this chakra is about creativity.

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  • Platon: Linien- und Höhlengleichnis (German Edition).
  • O Coruja (Portuguese Edition).

This room housed the Ark of the Covenant. Opening the second chakra the soul commences accumulating, absorbing and retaining information and experiences. To the alchemists this signified the balancing of the symbols of Heaven. As the alchemist Heinrich Khunrath commented, by means of rotation or circumrotation or circulatory revolution the Stone is restored to its purest form. It is the circular area on the Meru drawing. In Nashville, the seven false doors of the amphitheater are a mystery. However, they are a common element in temples from Egypt to the Yucatan.

The colon is found in this part of the body. It corresponds with the Ark of the Covenant, a power device that held the tablets scrolls of the Law and the manna. It is an arch or ark. In Christian art the disciples are frequently shown in a semicircle, which shows their unity, completeness, represented by a. The Orthodox icon of the Ascension presented here shows Jesus, the flower of life, blasting through a similar circular background, our familiar bulls-eye.

THE SECRET OF SION: Jesus’s Stargate, the Beaming Garment and the Galactic Core in Ascension Art

He holds a scroll, the symbol of his teaching or gnosis, meaning knowledge, particularly mystic knowledge. We shall address that question soon. The solar plexus is our inner power center. It is also the center for our will. The solar plexus combines or braids plexes our power and our will to open our potential. Powerful new medical research is validating that the solar plexus is our second brain.

Interestingly, prayer meetings are frequently held at this power spot in Nashville. People of all faiths gather to radiate prayers into the world. This is important spiritual work. Those who are having difficulty with solar plexus issues behave recklessly, often using their power to control others. They have no respect for human or planetary wellbeing. They can easily destroy their own lives as well as all whom they come into contact with.

They are termed sociopathic. Too often, these individuals run rogue terrorist nations who disrupt international peace. Healing the rage, anger,. The amphitheater at the Bicentennial Mall. This will require that we acknowledge our innate spiritual nature and power and determine what it is that we do want as a species. The war on terror is a good example. What we do want is tara, compassion. If the trillion dollars that will be spent on the war on terror were matched with spending on humanitarian projects the world would experience a shift into alignment with the higher laws of the universe.

The solar plexus is where we begin to tune our instrument, preparing to receive the White Stone; the pure tone or frequency of love, the manna, and begin to put on the Cloak of the Illuminati. The Ark of the Covenant is the golden box that held the manna among other accoutrements. Medianite smiths built this. Many view the Ark as a capacitor because it emitted a mysterious charge.

In the early days the Ark was housed in a portable sanctuary called the Tabernacle. It remained so up until the time of Jesus when Herod rebuilt the Temple. The book of Exodus says the Ark was used for communication with God. The Ark functioned as a portable Mount Sinai Meru enabling the Israelites to have conversations with Yahweh, who transmitted from elsewhere. There is a pillar that was attached to the Ark. And here it is in the hieroglyph of the Egyptian savior Osiris.

A portion of the hieroglyph of Osiris. In this glyph we see a shape that appears to be that of a structure with a vaulted roof and high wall or antennas that extend beyond the roofline. Archaeologists have yet to uncover an actual Egyptian structure that resembles the glyph for sanctuary. It does, however, resemble in form, and therefore possibly function, the biblical Ark of the Covenant, the box that held or transmitted the manna.

Egyptian myth says it was stored at a place called Morae or Meroe in Egypt, where the spirits of the illahat the gods were buried. Myths say it could also drill holes in space. This antenna is featured in all eight of my previous books. I believe this illustration bears a silent witness to an ancient super science of peace.

Presented here is a representation of the Pillar of Osiris — the complete Ark of the Covenant -- by Dana Augustine with my guidance. This design is based upon Egyptian originals. The complete Ark with its pillar attached. The device stood between 45 and feet tall. The dimensions of the Ark given in the book of Exodus represent a miniature version of the Egyptian original.

As I have explored in previous works, including God Making,5 the Pillar is symbolic of something even more profound. It is a model of the enlightened human body, the Illuminati. They are symbolic of the two hemispheres of the brain. Working our way down, we see a uraeus serpent at the third eye level, and a serpent at the throat chakra.

The pillar is the spinal cord, and the ark or platform upon which it sits is the solar plexus. The ark, in turn, sits on a black block called the black stone of Maat. This corresponds with the square at the Capitol Mall. When overlaid on the chakra system we can see that the Ark corresponds with the solar plexus region of the body. It emits a tone, key or oscillation of life. Remember, a synonym for blossom is blood. It may even be the original. The Templars recovered it from there.

Featured on the next page is an illumination from the famed eleventh century Winchester Bible now housed at the Oxford Library. It shows David playing his harp and triumphantly dancing before the Ark of the Covenant as it is being carried into Jerusalem with great pomp and ceremony. On the right side of the illumination is a column, a stylized Pillar of Osiris. The worm and pillar is a perfect match for hieroglyph of the Casket or Pillar of Osiris that is topped by the Shuti or enlightenment tablet symbol. David was delivering the Pillar to Jerusalem.

His son, Solomon, built its home. David center beneath the Ark of the Covenant plays his harp, the symbol for the tones to attract souls to Tula. The pillar is on the right. The serpent is on the left. Denis, Paris. The medallion from a window at the first Gothic cathedral, the cathedral of St.

Denis, Paris shown here represents the Ark of the Covenant borne on four wheels and resembling a triumphal chariot. Water symbolizes the manna. Dominating both, there rises majestically from the watery depths of the Ark a great pillar upheld by God the Father himself. Near the wheels are the four emblems of the evangelists, the lion, bull, man and eagle, which are so to speak the borders elements of the symbolic car.

The Ark is clearly seen to be the pedestal or platform of the Cross. The Ark surmounted by the Cross is called the Quadriga of. One 13th century French commentator on the Songs, Honorius of Autun, explains that Aminadab standing in the car represents the Crucifixion. It is the complete Ark of the Christos.

The possible resting place of their secrets is St. Denis in Paris. I believe the medallion shows that they carried the companion pillar with it. Located a few miles north of the Ile de Citie, the Abbey of St. Denis, patron saint of Paris, represents the effort of Abbot Suger, who envisioned the church as the center of a new illuminated Christianity. In his three books on the building and consecration of the church, the brilliant Abbot penned thirteen separate inscriptions celebrating the Holy Light. His aim was to bring the True Light of God into the world. Named after Denis the old abbey church of St.

Denis had been completed in The abbey had been founded in the seventh century by the Frankish king Dagobert in honor of Denis, and his legendary companions Rusticus and Eleutherius. King Dagobert II, and the Merovingian dynasty from which he came, have been romantically mythologized in the annals of both local legend and modern mystical pseudo-history, which upholds them as the supposed bloodline of Christ.

The Templar, and the Cathars of the Languedoc, are often connected with the Merovingians. The Merovingian sculpture. The mystique that surrounds them includes attributions of saintliness, magical powers derived from their long red hair , and even divine origin, stemming from their supposed descent from the bloodline of Jesus. However, his name aligns also him with the kings of Meru. Merovingian sculpture showing the serpent on a rod. This half-human, half-fish is E. At some point during his early manhood he is supposed to have attended the court of the high king of Tara.

Accounting for this huge discrepancy has given biblical scholars headaches for centuries. Here is how scholars have reconciled the differences: 1. The verse contains a typo. A scribe intended to write 20 cubits but wrote instead. This leaves the fourth explanation. Maybe the Porch was truly cubits high, after all. If so, I believe the trail of research I have followed explains the discrepancy. The tall Porch was not dead space. The Porch was designed to house the Meru Axis of Love or the Ashera, the antenna of Osiris whose height was adjusted between 45 and 90 feet in various stories, and may even have had a height of up to twenty stories approximately feet.

A Jewish legend supports my conclusion. They are often compared to the two TET pillars that accompany the Pillar of Osiris in his hieroglyph. In the Dictionary of Ancient Egypt the TET pillar is stated to have been: A powerful weapon of magic for all deceased Egyptians, considered necessary to aid in the transformation of the human flesh into the spiritual form assumed by the dead in eternity. These symbols are placed on a netted basket. Frank Joseph. Eknath Easwaran. Humans are not from Earth: a scientific evaluation of the evidence 2nd Edition. Ellis Silver. Greatest Mysteries of the Unexplained.

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My daughter teaches art history and just the artwork in Henry's illuminating book led to fascinating conversations between us. His theories regarding the stargates and the Galactic Core mirror the latest research and discoveries in astrophysics. Best of all, Henry unites the myths and ancient writings of Egypt, India, China, Central America, the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Gnostic teachers, and more, along with the Bible, the Book of Mormon, the Mahabharata, and more, creating a bond among all to prove the immortality of the soul and its journey to perfection.

An interesting read, if, one is interested in the abstract of modern Christianity. Reading this work is kind of like reading a work discussing physics and the topic of the "quantum". If you are attempting to decipher what the "quantum" state actually is, it helps to have a little physics background. In this case, to jump into the book and have no background or understanding of "Gnostic" history and meaning, leaves one at a disadvantage.

The author, however, does a super job of explaining his position on everything presented and does therefore make the subject understandable. Should the reader be a student of the Bible and accept the information it presents, then this presentation might be a little troubling. Having said that, should the reader have an, "there must be more attitude", then this book and the others the author has written are worth reading. Simply be prepared to spend time and understanding as well as re-reading many controversial points of view.

As in all things of a historical nature, "who knows"? Yesterday might actually be today after all. Now, for a good read on, what is time, go to! The Secret of Sion is a comprehensive journey through all the stargate research of William Henry to date. The book is beautiful and beautifully researched.

William Henry presents his ideas in inspiring insightful language and literally illustrates those ideas with magnificent artwork. I especially appreciate the research into the word meanings and explanations. Knowing the original meaning of a chosen word brings a delightfully deep level of Truth to my understanding and i appreciate all the research that Mr. Henry has conducted to bring this knowledge to his writings.

The book comes with a DVD. In all, this book is the best literature i have encountered recently to further my own search for enlightenment. The artwork is extensive and colorful. The "real" book is essential to get the full effect of the healing power of the pictures on their own; however, if you have a Kindle Fire or even the Kindle app on your smart phone, the pictures are equally magnificently displayed and lovely.