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By Therese Linton, Managing Director & Principal Consultant, The BASALT Group

  1. Could Silver Be Worth More Than Gold?
  2. Buy Gold & Silver Online | Get Bullion Buying Information and Tips - Gold Survival Guide
  3. Silver Price Compared to the Gold Price: The Gold to Silver Ratio
  4. Is Gold worthless after an Economic Collapse?

Scott, from Bug Out Survival , also wrote on the need for cash money on hand. What level of preparedness would you like to achieve before you are comfortable spending money on stocking precious metals? We allow a limited number of ads on SurvivalCache. If you find our site useful, you can support us. Do you have a passion for writing or a great article idea? Send us an Email. We are always looking for new writers and we love great article ideas.

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Invest in something you can actually use or people will actually want. Common sense says you should prepare for what you will need first. The rest of the world still takes cash. What Level? I learned about retracement from legendary commodity investor Jim Rogers at a meeting in the Dominican Republic.

Technical analysts call this retracement.

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Today the price of gold is marching higher. See that super spike to the right hand side of the chart? During a recent interview with Fortune, I talked about the physical gold market being leveraged to 1…. That means if folks show up at the COMEX to collect their physical gold, of them will walk away with nothing.

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And yes, a new collapse could be triggered by a loss of confidence in the dollar and its role as a store of value. Based on the monetary history of the past century, collapses have NOT meant the end of the world. Instead, monetary collapse meant that the major financial and trading powers of the time sat down around the table and rewrote the rules of the game.

Now, for a second think about a tower of champagne glasses. All stacked in a pyramid formation — with one single glass on top. At first, this gold story will only flow to a very small group of folks at the top.

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Then, over time, as the story unfolds the champagne cascades lower and lower, more people will learn about this opportunity. If that ruffles your feathers, than this opportunity is not for you. Please click out of this page, and forget about the Rickards Gold Speculator. Paul St. No part of this report may be reproduced or placed on any electronic medium without written permission from the publisher. Information contained herein is obtained from sources believed to be reliable, but its accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Dear reader, Jim Rickards here.

Could Silver Be Worth More Than Gold?

Because a rare window in the gold markets has just opened up… Giving you and me the chance to grow much richer… much faster… than simply buying bullion. So, please… Do NOT buy a single ounce of anything until you read what I have to say in this briefing. But as the government's trusted currency advisor, I can tell you this for certain:. Once from Said a different way… Once about every 10 years,you have the rare chance to make a fortune simply by tweaking the way you buy gold. And the very best way to show you how this works is through an example… So maybe you remember the run-up in gold from Not bad.

Buy Gold & Silver Online | Get Bullion Buying Information and Tips - Gold Survival Guide

However, take a look at this: 24 Times Better Than Gold This was not an isolated event. Take a look at this… 34 Times Better Than Gold This time, the secret returned 34 times more than gold. Take a look at one more example from the same run-up… Times Better Than Gold I could go on and on, of course. Introducing: "Penny Gold". This gold window gaped open.

Impressive, right?

Silver Price Compared to the Gold Price: The Gold to Silver Ratio

These are companies that literally trade for as little as pennies during the start of a gold bull market… But can go up to 10x… 20x… even x as gold marches higher. Even life changing. Shares traded for just 15 cents each. On January 15, , less than 45 days later you could have tripled your money.

That means just a Three buys. Three sells. He sat on a board of directors for mining operations.

My Beastly Silver & Gold Full Stack!

After the passing of his mother, my geologist was sitting on a large pile of cash. So he pounced on the opportunity. See that account total? Change the model, change the outcome. The right model… or system… is key to making the right move.

Is Gold worthless after an Economic Collapse?

And it could be your key to untold riches. In most cases they have no intention of actually pulling gold out of the ground. An undervalued company with high grade gold in the ground. These include… Mine Maker Company 1.