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Heat related mortality in warm and cold regions of Europe: observational study.

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Serum enzymes in heat stroke: prognostic implication. Box , Riyadh , Saudi Arabia. Patients : Hundred nine consecutive heatstroke patients mean age 55 - 12 years with rectal temperature from 40 to Patients with metabolic acidosis had a large anion gap 24 - 5.

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Arterial partial pressure of oxygen PaO 2 , systolic blood pressure and Organ System Failure score were similar with or without metabolic acidosis. Although the acute physiology score was higher in patients with, than without, metabolic acidosis Conclusion : We conclude that metabolic acidosis is the predominant response in heatstroke. Cooling Methods for Heatstroke Victims. Temperature, ambient ozone levels, and mortality during summer , in Belgium. The number of daily deaths, temperature, relative humidity, and hr concentrations of main air pollutants observed during a heat wave June August 7, in Belgium were compared with those recorded before and after this heat wave.

All these variables were averaged over the country.

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Expected mortality was calculated from daily deaths observed during the summers of The influence of meteorological and air pollution variables on daily mortality was analyzed using generalized least-squares method. Mortality recorded during the heat wave was higher than expected: it increased by 9. This increased mortality was associated with unusually high outdoor temperatures range of daily mean: The number of daily deaths was mostly correlated with the mean daily temperature and hr ozone concentration, both measured the day before.

A synergy between temperature and ozone in their effects on mortality was also highlighted in both age groups. The product of the logarithm of temperature by the logarithm of ozone concentration, both measured the day before, contributed to In conclusion, elevated outdoor temperatures combined with high ozone concentrations were assumed to be the likely cause of the important excess mortality observed in Belgium during the summer, T he use of a complex thermohygrometric index in predicting adverse health effects in Athens.


Laboratory of Meteorology, University of Athens, Greece. Mortality and morbidity indices are known to depend on changes in meteorological conditions. In Athens, severe adverse health effects following extreme heat conditions have been reported. The usefulness has been investigated of the complex thermohygrometric index THI , a simple index based on maximum daily temperature and relative humidity, in predicting the health effects of specific meteorological conditions.

We propose some sources of information about the French Riviera through a list of sources that we find interesting. Classic news sources of the press type but also from the world of the internet and social networks. You will find below a list of media interested in the French Riviera.

All are only in frenhc language, sorry abot that! Thank you to send us your possible additional proposals provided that it is not media claiming supporters or commercial.


Articles are available to subscribers for 10 euros per month. The titles and debut of articles are accessible to everyone and it is even possible to read the entire articles provided they watch an online advertisement of a few minutes. Several local editions will allow you to read only about for example Nice, Monaco, Menton, Cannes, Grasse or the hinterland etc The local public television broadcasts two newscasts a day that can be viewed live or rebroadcast.

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Quality and independent journalistic coverage. A nice local television that offers a journal alive and well done but also more complete programs: "Les Toques du sud", "Immersion", "Health asset", "It is visit" etc Nice is one of the few cities in France with its own local edition. The free newspaper distributed in paper version in the street and the train stations. A few short articles are offered daily regarding the French Riviera and its capital. The overall tone is nice and the content is often retweets.

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An online magazine that publishes very regularly local content. Original content but also covers in copy and paste of press releases classified in different categories: news, sport, culture, society etc The press club 06 brings together the professionals of the sector and has a site that regularly publishes all kinds of information: from the resumption of national press dispatches to more local information mainly and logically focused on the news of the profession journalist and the world of the Riviera press.

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The newspaper also publishes local legal announcements and proposes a paper version in about fifty numbers per year drawn to more than copies by number. Not to mention special numbers: classification of companies Riviera, congress, directory of legal professions and accountants etc Several tools make it possible to obtain fresh information.