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Were it not for the authors prolonging of weaker subjects, readers could get down to the nitty-gritty life lessons. Instead, readers must sift through topics ranging from longing for past lovers to desiring of American ideals [nice job, nice family, success, fame, admiration, etc.. Stronger chapters deal with more intriguing life experiences.

On a cross-country road trip, he watches his car along with his most personal belongings burn to the ground in the Nevada desert - he has the choice of attempting to salvage his personal effects, but in this struggle of personal property vs.

Know another quote from Rush Hour 2?

In other chapters, the authors prescription to antipsychotics offers us first-hand insight on medicated young adults. As a reader, this is a dark, intriguing world to visit - it would have benefited the author to revisit this world and demonstrate growth from cleansing himself from the chemicals.

This memoir is honest and personal. At times, too personal. However, this authors debut to the literary world is an opportunity for growth. Readers are already anxiously anticipating his next effort to upstage this already intriguing read. This book puts you in the mindset of Tony Ly the author. He goes through the ups and downs of life and you are seeing it through his eyes.

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At times it was a bit hard to follow but none the less it was very well written maybe my English just sucks haha. The book goes through his life stages and you get to meet all his friends and family. Give this a read if you want to see life as an Asian American in America. This book was incredibly moving and touching and inspirational. The large cast of characters are intriguing beyond expectations.

I would recommend this to all, not just Asians, crazies and the adventurous. Its written in a very stylish and modern way. Praises to the author.

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    Chordsound - Chords Texts - Couldve Been Me CYRUS BILLY RAY

    History is littered with such stories. We humans were never a kind hearted, gentle lot. It is said, 'truth' is the first casuality of war. We can expand it more and say, honesty is the sibling of truth, who is also under siege as well. Sign In.

    This could’ve been handled a lot better (24 Photos)

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