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Yet, the minute Yahweh reversed the wind and sent the locusts back eastward, and into the Great Sea the Pharaoh hardened and refused to free Israel. And, according to the now well-established pattern, Vs 21 brings the 9th stroke…… the 3rd plague of the 3rd set of plagues…..

And this stroke is the most terrible of them all, up to this point. Darkness that is a foreshadowing of final death, of spiritual death, of evil, which is near. A Darkness that is not only seen, but is so thick that it is literally felt; a darkness that is far more than merely the absence of light……. Over the ones who held His people in servitude was darkness; over His Own people who served Him was Light. We need to not overlook 4 little words in vs. The Egyptians felt the darkness, the Israelites felt the light.

How does one FEEL darkness or light? Ah, remember in our first lesson of Torah, when we studied Creation, and we found that when God created light in Gen. That is, good, as opposed to evil.

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The truth, as opposed to a lie. When you switch on a lamp, you get visual light, the type of light talked about in Gen When you hear from God, you get spiritual light….

Plus, a deeper look at Nvidia's proprietary DLSS system, which absolutely impresses.

Enlightenment, the type of light talked about in Gen See the difference? A kind that blots out good. A kind that leads men into wrong. What kind of circumstance could cause such dense visual darkness? I mean, just being without sunlight, or even moonlight, would not have created such a darkness as is being described here.

Exodus TV Show List

The Egyptians, as all other cultures, knew how to deal with nighttime; they had oil lamps, and fire pits, and torches… all manner of way of going about their business after dark. No, this was not three hour periods of nighttime. There are natural conditions that happen from time to time, which brings a type of darkness in which the darkness actually seems to absorb the light.

Being from California, I have encountered two of these conditions: fog, and a dust storm. But, in Egypt, there came occasionally a brutal type of dust storm called a Chamsin. Every few years, a combination of conditions collided that caused the air itself to become charged with static electricity, which literally lifts and suspends super fine particles of dust in the air; alongside the coarser particles of sand that the fierce winds normally carry. These Chamsin dust storms turn day into night. Indoors became dark as well. Mobility ended. I suspect this is what occurred as far as the visual element of light is concerned.

Otherwise, it would be out of character with the 8 previous plagues that all involved natural elements of nature. Of course, this Chamsin was of supernatural origin, and was several times more ferocious than as happens by itself in nature. So fierce was it that it frightened Pharaoh and the Egyptian people out of their wits. This was a time of real horror for Egypt. But, in the same land, the Israelites were celebrating with joy! That, which benefits Israel, now benefits us. After the previous stroke, he had agreed to let only the Israelite males go to worship Yahweh.

Now he says, if Moses will get God to call off the darkness, all Israel can go, man and woman, girl and boy, young and old……. Moses declines the offer, and says that everything must go. So, the only thing they can do is to take all their people and all their possessions into the desert, set them before God, and see what it is He might demand of them. Did you catch that?

Old Testament Studies

Here is another permanent God-principle that just bursts out of nowhere. We are to submit all that we have and all that we are….. We must go forward in faith and trust, holding nothing back. It is all His, and His to give or take as so pleases Him. Yet, what is our typical response? Ok God, you can have everything but this….. Everything we leave behind, but still possess; everything that we do not take with us to present to God, when we approach the Cross, stays in Egypt…..

Pharaoh orders Moses to leave his presence, and never come back. Because if he ever approaches Pharaoh again, Moses will be put to death. There will be no more opportunities to avoid judgment. God does not strive with man forever. But, when it does end, when God decides to turn us over to our innate wickedness, all hope of redemption vanishes, forever.

Scarey, scarey thought……and terribly, terribly true. What we will see in Chapters 11 and 12 is judgment. What is judgment? In the Bible, judgment almost always results in a negative consequence. We all, saved and unsaved, are going to be judged.

All posts tagged Exodus: Machine War

If we are not saved, we WILL be condemned. This 10th blow upon Egypt brings with it NO choices…this is not yet another warning, another chance for Pharaoh and Egypt to repent….. This so-called 10th plague equates to what happens when we die, and then stand before God. From this condition, whether it is light or darkness, there will be NO change, no opportunity for change, for all eternity. Well, now we find out in Ex.

That included, according to vs. But, the Israelites would not be affected….. DeMille for depicting that which killed the Egyptian firstborn as a green cloud of death floating menacingly around all the streets of Egypt I mean, he had to show something , it does kind of give us a wrong impression. No, it was not. Vs 1 says that Yahweh, not the Lord, Adonai, or malach Adonai, or anything else…..

And then in vs. In fact, he is going to drive you out of Egypt. But, before Israel leaves, they are to strip Egypt.

They are to ask for Gold and Silver from the Egyptian people. Because vs. Just leave us. To the bulk of the Egyptian people, Moses was just a powerful sorcerer….. And, they had no more interest in testing him further. Frankly, this was no different from the Egyptians perspective than if a robber was holding a knife at their throat, and it was a money-or-your-life deal.

If you or any of your friends have doubts about whether Israel was ever in Egypt, or that there was even an Exodus which, by the way, has become a very popular theme in the more liberal denominations , just tell them to ask a modern day Egyptian about it. The anger over Israel taking all that gold and silver from Egypt has remained a bitter sore spot in the heart of the Egyptian people right up to modern times…. Let us not overlook just what is at the bottom of this decision by God to crush Egypt with these supernatural devastations and then the plundering of their Gold and Silver: for God reminds us, in vs.

That God makes a distinction between Israel and Egypt. So, let us not EVER think that this setting apart of Israel from the rest of world is some minor or remote issue, or has changed or become obsolete. To this very day, and to the end of time, God sees the world as Israel, and everybody else. Read Aloud. Flag as inappropriate. It syncs automatically with your account and allows you to read online or offline wherever you are.

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List of nuclear holocaust fiction - Wikipedia

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