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  1. Monday, Monday
  2. Monday - Wednesday Schedule - Transportation, Parking and IDs
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Monday, Monday

So we have to wait a bit — so what? Those Hagen Daz ice creams are pretty fine — enjoy. I know that scenes will added, adjusted, or even cut. I will mourn the cuts, but I know that the finished product will be wonderful. Will just have to try to be patient until August arrives! Lots of good stuff. Thanks for the cute pics, your Shitz Tzu reminds me of mine, too cute!

Monday - Wednesday Schedule - Transportation, Parking and IDs

Oh, and the cat too! I am glad you had a good day, any day that included ice cream is a good day. The important thing is that they all hold up. And pictures of pets are always welcome. Such a pretty kitty. It never fails to surprise a giggle out of me. Ooo, new content for SotB! I had a great mothers day.

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I always love the cute cat and dog pictures. They blend in.


What a great picture. Good things come to those that wait. It all gets done so take time to breathe! Glad to hear you had a great day! It was gorgeous for a change after all the rain and grayness. And it looks like nice loot, too! Yes, yes, I am spoiled rotten!! He often gets spoiled by me, so it all evens out in the wash. I am very blessed! I loved your cat with dog pictures. It looks to me like this pair are full of character! I love how the kitty is in front of the Shih Tzu, in what could be perceived as a protective position. I bet kitty has a good, long memory of any transgressions, and never forgets to reciprocate.

Then, all one could see was a reddish gold dust bunny, flashing teeth, growling menacingly or as best he could , and charging faster than any respectable dust bunny should. It was an awesome sight to behold!!

AppleScript: The Definitive Guide, 2nd Edition by Matt Neuburg

Sometimes there was no warning before he decided I was being threatened, or no logical reason that I could come up with. Sadly, he died over a year ago, but boy did that dog pack a large personality into a tiny package. He would have much larger dogs run in fright from anywhere on our property. And, he was.

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  • What breed is s he? Breann, not the owner or poster but I believe this is a Keeshond often shortened to Kees. The plural is Keeshonden. I had two myself. Mine were wonderful dogs with personality of sweet mischief. A keeshond!

    Stay ahead with the world's most comprehensive technology and business learning platform.

    We had one and he was the most amazing dog. Cute and loving, and oh, so furry! Our cat used to make a spot for herself in his fur when she was cold. Great photo, Tiffany. These are often now primarily electronic notations and not readily or easily accessed by the subpoena compliance personnel. Many teller journals or logs have unique formatting or coding that which may require bank help to decipher. There is also the issue of handling night drops, commercial deposit bags and the rise of ATM banking. Although commonly understood by tellers, many AML investigators fail to account for these elements when analyzing suspicious transactions.

    The bottom line is that come Monday there can be a lot of activity attributed to that day which may have nothing to do with that day. Any AML investigative analysis that does not account for the time warp in business days will be inaccurate and misleading. The most serious problem is that this leads to more non-suspicious activity being categorized as suspicious and vice versa. A business making daily deposits can find that aggregated cash amounts attributed to the same day can become large enough to prompt alerts and maybe a SAR. Two or more deposits made on the same day with indications that they were too close together for a normal business practice may be a good indicator for an AML review.

    If you return to real time and find those transactions were spread out over the weekend, and then a review may not be necessary. Even after a SAR is filed and an investigator retrieves and reviews the back-up documents chances are the documents under review will reflect multiple same day deposits when in reality there were none. It is rare to receive the journal entries in any initial investigative request, be it SAR back-up documents or a subpoena.

    It also should be pointed out the deposit tickets and date stamping will reflect only a month and day. The day of the week needs to be referenced back to a calendar. Substantial investigative efforts and time can be wasted before the Monday anomaly is finally recognized. Excelling in AML investigations requires that we question everything and learn about a lot of different elements in the financial and criminal worlds.

    Numbers and dollars are very ambivalent and it is only the people behind them that establish relevance. Banking transactions only become illegal when outside elements are attached to them.

    Roy Woods - Monday To Monday [Official Video]

    Although crimes like forgery, uttering and counterfeiting are transaction specific offenses, money laundering is more commonly a multiple transaction scheme with the totality of the transactions and other events required to expose the criminality. Proficiency in the investigation of money laundering requires in-depth analysis of all aspects of those transactions.

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    There is more documentation of our activities collected than ever before. Our cell phones and GPS can tell us where we are or were. Tex messages and emails now memorialize conversations or thoughts that sometimes we wish could be erased. Interpreting the investigative relevance is part of the job. Financial institution records are certainly something AML investigators need to be keenly aware of.

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