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  4. Cisco CCIE Routing & Switching V4 Experience
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Ask Question. Many thanks Michael. RocketGoal RocketGoal 12 12 gold badges 30 30 silver badges 54 54 bronze badges. Try this site - it seems to be answering all 3 questions. That said, here's some answers: Inital Protection You've covered this, basically lock cells and hide things and needed. Very Hidden Sheets Sheets can to be made "very" hidden, this means then an only be unhidden via VBA they don't appear in the unhide list in the interface. This is simply done via a line of VBA, which needs to be run at least once to trigger the change of setting, and doesn't need to be kept in the file once run but this might be useful to remember which sheets to unhide later : Sheets "Sheet1".

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Note that these can be brute-forced open. Hidden Macros I assume here you mean you don't want them to appear in the macros list when someone opens the Run Macro window? Thanks for the detail. I've managed to lock it down based on your answers and the link from Travelling tech guy below. The xlVeryHidden doesn't seem to work. Not sure why. I've made a module and put the code in that, and then tried actually putting the code in the sheet itself. Mike have you run the code with the very hidden trigger in? Good question. No I think I just saved it. So, that's where I went wrong.

Excel Saving and Sharing Workbooks

Mike the code needs to run only once, to set this value on the sheet. Once done you can delete the code if needed but it might be useful to keep for knowing which sheets to revert. Gilles Gilles The users need to use this sheet, unfortunately, but with the protection advice above I'm happy that it's protected to a standard'I and my colleagues are happy with. It's not confidential information, just a lot of time in writing code, and formatting that some of the users may be interested in looking at.

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Now that you know what Microsoft Excel templates are and what benefits they provide, it's the right time to make a couple of your own ones and get a head start with new features and techniques. Hi, Excel won't allow me to create templates, error message: something went wrong. Please assist. I'm a postage stamp collector I'm looking for a template that has a window for the information about the stamp and a window on the same page for the picture of the stamp in my inventory.

The Epic Guide To Planning A Networking Event

Along with the normal price payed the price sold and profit. Is there such a template? If so please email me. I have a question for you, we professionally design and distribute Excel templates www. Do you know any benefits for uploading the free templates to Office gallery? Microsoft doesn't allow to put branding or links in your templates.

So why would one care about spending effort on their own works and giving the distribution rights to Microsoft?

It starts with a dream…

If I create a custom template and then use that template for many sheets in a workbook, can I change a formula in the template and will it then propagate the new formula to all the sheets? If i like the template's preview, click the Create button to download it. For example, I've chosen a nice mini calendar template for Excel: in the mean time the error is showing how to fixed it.

If I would like to create a new template and select it create but after that an error is showing then how could I fixed it. How do I insert new columns into an excel template. I have tried the usual way but the template won't allow it. It used to be easy in pre Excel versions to make your own custom template show up in the list of available templates when you right-clicked over a sheet tab and chose "Insert".

In Excel and , this functionality does not work automatically, but your instructions above helped me find the right template folder location. Very helpful - thank you! In Excel , when we open a template, prepare the complete worksheet and then press save button, instead of asking where to save the new worksheet, it modifies the template itself. Pls help. E-mail not published. How to create a workbook from an existing Excel template How to make a template in Excel How to find your personal Excel templates How to set up the default template in Excel Where to download Excel templates Creating a workbook from an existing Excel template Instead of starting with a blank sheet, you can quickly create a new workbook based on an Excel template.

In Excel , switch to the File tab and click New and you will see many templates provided by Microsoft. In Excel , you can either: Select from Sample templates - these are basic Excel templates that are already installed on your computer. Look under com Templates section, click on some category to view the templates thumbnails, and then download the template you want. For example, I've chosen a nice mini calendar template for Excel: That's it - the selected template is downloaded and a new workbook is created based on this template right away.

To get a bigger selection of templates for your Excel, type a corresponding keyword in the search bar: If you are looking for something specific, you can browse available Microsoft Excel templates by category. For example, see how many different calendar templates you can choose from: Note. When you are searching for a certain template, Microsoft Excel displays all relevant templates that are available on the Office Store.

Not all of them are created by Microsoft Corporation, some templates are made by third-party providers or individual users. This is the reason why you may see the following notification asking if you trust the template's publisher. In case you do, click the Trust this app button. The downloaded file is a usual Excel workbook.

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Cisco CCIE Routing & Switching V4 Experience

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