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Wonder Woman and Philosophy - Wonder Woman and Philosophy - Wiley Online Library

Once a Thief by Michele Hauf. Hot Pursuit by Kathryn Jensen. In a German prince, Charles of. Hohenzollern, came to rule over the country, the first sign of German. During the first half of the nineteenth century there took place a. In a history of. Bulgaria was published by a native of that country in Moscow; in the. It must be remembered that not only was nothing known at that time about. Bulgaria and its inhabitants in other countries, but the Bulgars had. The Bulgarian people in Bulgaria. Greeks, who vied with the Turks in suppressing Bulgarian nationality. The two committees of Odessa and Bucarest which promoted the enlightenment.

It was the ecclesiastical question which was solved first. Porte had promised religious reforms tending to the appointment of. Bulgarian bishops and the recognition of the Bulgarian language in Church. But these not being carried through, the Bulgarians took the. The same year an attempt was made to. In , the growing agitation having at last. The Bulgarian. Church was made free and national and was to be under an Exarch who should. Greeks, conscious what a blow this would be to their supremacy, managed. Meanwhile revolutionary outbreaks began to increase, but were always put.

The most notable was that of , instigated by. Stambulov, the future dictator, in sympathy with the outbreak in. Montenegro, Hercegovina, and Bosnia of that year; the result of this and. The indignation of Europe was aroused and.

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Pasha disarmed his opponents by summarily introducing the British. Russia had, however, steadily been. Emperor Alexander II, whose patience had become exhausted; he was joined. At the beginning. The committee of Bucarest transformed. The Turks,. They failed,. August, and after this they became demoralized and their resistance.

The Russians, helped by the Bulgarians and Rumanians,. Plevna, after a three months' siege, in December, occupied Sofia and. Philippopolis in January , and pushed forward to the walls of. The Turks were at their last gasp, and at Adrianople, in March ,. Ignatiyev dictated the terms of the Treaty of San Stefano, by which a. This treaty, which on ethnological grounds was tolerably just, alarmed the. Austria-Hungary, the latter shortsightedly those of Turkey, replaced it. By its terms Bulgaria was cut into three parts; northern. Bulgaria, between the Danube and the Balkans, was made an autonomous.

Eastern Rumelia Rumili was the name always given by the Turks to the. Christian governor appointed by the Porte; Macedonia was left to Turkey;. The relations between the Russians and the Bulgarians were better before. What so often happens in the relationships of individuals happened in. Russia naturally enough expected. Bulgaria to be grateful for the really large amount of blood and treasure.

Bulgaria was no. It is often assumed by Russophobe writers that. Russia wished and intended to make a Russian province of Bulgaria, but. Empire, the existence between the two of the compact and vigorous national. That Russia should wish to have a controlling voice in the destinies of. Bulgaria and in those of the whole peninsula was natural, and it was just. The eventual. The Bulgarians, whatever the origin and the ingredients of their. Nevertheless, they have never been enthusiastic. Pan-Slavists, any more than the Dutch have ever been ardent Pan-Germans;.

The Bulgarians indeed think themselves superior to the Slavs by. These latter, on the other hand, and. What is certain is that between Bulgarians and Germans. German and Magyar and Slav wherever the two races are contiguous, from. Austria-Hungary and Germany, during the last decade, to the detriment of.

The reason is. Austria-Hungary and Germany felt an instinctive and perfectly. It is not too much to say, in summing up, that Russian influence, which. Stefano, reaped the benefit, especially the commercial benefit, of the war. Intellectually, and especially as regards the. Slavonic both in substance and form, Russian influence was especially.

Politically, both Russia and Bulgaria aiming at the same. The first Bulgarian Parliament met in under trying conditions. Russian and Bulgarian hopes had been dashed by the Treaty of Berlin. Russian influence was still paramount, however, and the viceroy controlled. An ultra-democratic constitution. For a.

The choice fell on Prince Alexander of Battenberg, nephew. Russian army. Prince Alexander was conscientious, energetic, and. From the very first he failed to keep on good terms. II in , recommended him to insist on being made dictator, which he. But when he found that this only meant an increase of. Russian influence he reverted to parliamentary government in September. Meanwhile the question of eastern Rumelia, or rather southern Bulgaria,. A vigorous agitation for the. Russia frowned on this independence of spirit. Serbia, under King Milan,. Treaty of Berlin, had arbitrarily confined Serbia to its inadequate limits.

On November 13 King Milan declared war, and began to march on Sofia, which. Prince Alexander, the bulk. On November 18 took place the battle of Slivnitsa, a small town about. Prince Alexander, after hard fighting, took Pirot in Serbia on. November 27, having refused King Milan's request for an armistice, and was.

Bulgaria had to obey, and on March 3,. Prince Alexander's position did not improve after this, indeed. A strong Russophile party formed. Bessarabia; telegraphic orders came from St. Petersburg, in answer to. August 26 he found himself at Lemberg. But those who had carried out this. Nevertheless his position was hopeless; the Emperor. Alexander III forced him to abdicate, and on September 7, , he left. Bulgaria for good, to the regret of the majority of the people. He died in. Austria, in , in his thirty-seventh year. At his departure a regency. Stambulov was born at Tirnovo in and was of humble origin.

He took. From till he was. He was intensely patriotic and also. His policy in general was. At the general election held in October he. Out of elected deputies, there were supporters of. This implied the complete suppression of the Russophile party. Whatever were Stambulov's methods, and few would deny that they were.

But once having started on this path he. There were several. At length the, at that time not particularly alluring, throne of Bulgaria. This young man combined great ambition and tenacity of. The election of this prince was viewed with great. Ferdinand, unabashed, cheerfully installed himself in Sofia with his. He wisely left all power in the hands of the. Ferdinand's clever and wealthy mother cast. In May , as a. To his. So intense were the emotions of the people that his grave had.

In November followed. Meanwhile the. German Emperor, who was on good terms with Princess Clementine, had paved. Rumelia, his international position was assured. Relations with Russia. Boris according to the rites of the eastern Church, in February , and. In September a memorial church.

Bulgaria meanwhile had been making rapid and astonishing material. Railways were built, exports increased, and the general. It is the fashion to compare. This is insisted on especially by publicists in. Austria-Hungary and Germany, but it is forgotten that even before the last. Balkan war the geographical position of Bulgaria with its seaboard was. From onwards Ferdinand's power in his own country and his influence. He always appreciated the value of. His estates in the south of Hungary constantly required his attention, and.

The German Emperor, though he could. Moreover, it was difficult to. Ferdinand's relations with Vienna, on the other hand, and especially. The gradual aggravation of the condition of the Turkish Empire, notably in. Macedonia, the unredeemed Bulgaria, where since the insurrection of Sofia, no less than in Vienna and Budapest. The Young Turkish revolution. In September,. At the same time. Ferdinand, with his second wife, the Protestant Princess Eleonora of.

Reuss, whom he had married in March of that year, was received with regal. On October 5, , at. Tirnovo, the ancient capital, Ferdinand proclaimed the complete. The events which have taken place in Bulgaria since hinge on the. Macedonian question, which has not till now been mentioned. The Macedonian. The beginnings of the Macedonian question in its modern form do not go. From that time Sofia began to cast. Bulgaria', and Stambulov's last success in was to obtain from Turkey. Exarchist Church in Macedonia, which was a heavy blow for the Greek.

Macedonia had been envisaged by the Treaty of Berlin, article 23 of which. States were too young and weak to worry themselves or the European powers. This indifference on the part of. Europe left the door open for the Balkan States, as soon as they had. From onwards Bulgarian propaganda in Macedonia increased, and the. Bulgarians were soon followed by Greeks and Serbians. The reason for this. Vlakhs , and others; the city of Salonika was and is almost purely. Jewish, while in the country districts Turkish, Albanian, Greek, Bulgar,. Generally speaking, the. The problem was for each country to peg out as large a claim.

The game was played through the appropriate.

Bulgaria was first in the field and had a considerable start of the other. The Bulgars claimed the whole of Macedonia, including Salonika. Greece claimed all southern Macedonia, and Serbia parts of northern and. The crux of the whole problem was,. Bulgaria, driving a thick wedge between Greece and Serbia, and thus giving. Bulgaria the undoubted hegemony of the peninsula, came into irreconcilable. The importance of this point was. Serbia's only direct outlet to the sea, and runs through Macedonia from. Should Bulgaria straddle that, Serbia would be economically at its mercy,. Nevertheless, Bulgarian propaganda had been so effectual.

The then unknown quantity of Albania was also a factor. This people,. They would have been glad to have a. Greeks in the south, who were more than inclined to encroach on their. The population of Macedonia, being still under Turkish rule,. It is the Slav population of Macedonia that has engendered so much heat.

The dispute as to whether it is. Macedonia had been successively under Greek, Bulgar, and Serb, before. Turkish, rule, but the Macedonian Slavs had, under the last, been so cut. If the Serbs had been first in the field. The well-known recipe for making a Macedonian Slav village Bulgar. In addition to these three nations Rumania also entered the lists,. As their vague pastures could not possibly ever be.

Meanwhile, their existence as a separate and authentic. The stages of the Macedonian question up to must at this point be. Russia and Austria-Hungary, the two 'most. Turkey; but it never reached a conclusive stage and consequently was never. The Macedonian chaos meanwhile grew steadily worse, and the.

Hilmi Pasha had been appointed. Inspector-General of Macedonia in December , but was not successful in. Macedonia being divided up into five districts to be apportioned among the. Owing to the procrastination of the Porte and to the. At this point again it is necessary to recall the position in regard to.

Great Britain and France. Ottoman finance. Italy's interest centred in Albania, whose eventual fate,. Austria-Hungary's only care was by any means to prevent the aggrandizement. Germanic progress towards the East. Russia was already fatally absorbed in. The general trend of German diplomacy in. Turkey was not grasped until very much later, a fact which redounds to the. Ever since the. This culminated in the regime of the late Baron Marschall von.

Bieberstein, who was ambassador from to It was German policy to.

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Germany, for instance, refused to send officers or to have a district. This attitude of Germany naturally. For the indefinite continuance of chaos. The blow which King Ferdinand had inflicted on the prestige of the Young. Turks in October , by proclaiming his independence, naturally lent. Serbia, baffled by the. Its international position was at. Europe, while the events of cf. Greece, also screaming. Meanwhile Russia, rudely.

East, beginning to realize the growth of German influence at. Constantinople, and seeing the unmistakable resuscitation of. Austria-Hungary as a great power, made manifest by the annexation of. Bosnia and Hercegovina, temporarily reasserted its influence in Bulgaria. From the moment when Baron Aehrenthal announced his chimerical scheme of. Morava valley is the only commercially remunerative and strategically. Constantinople--Russia realized that the days of the Muerzsteg programme. Teuton for the ownership of Constantinople and the dominion of the Near.

East, and that something must be done to retrieve the position in the. Balkans which it was losing. After Baron Aehrenthal, in January , had. The immediate effects of the Young Turk revolution amongst the Balkan. States, and the events, watched benevolently by Russia, which led to the. Abdul Hamid, implied the commencement of the millennium in Macedonia and.

Thrace, have been described elsewhere pp. King Ferdinand and. Venezelos are generally credited with the inception and realisation of. Bulgaria is a very democratic country, but King Ferdinand,. States could be induced to come to the same wise decision, it would be so. That Russia could do anything else than. Pan-Slavism had long since ceased to be the force it was, and. It is possible to control Constantinople. Greco-Slavonic league should destroy the power of the Turks and thereby.

That Russia was ever in the least jealous of the military successes of the. Budapest, is a mischievous fiction, the emptiness of which was evident to. The years to were outwardly uneventful in Bulgaria, though a. Relations with the other Balkan States, especially with Serbia and. Montenegro, improved considerably, and there was ample room for such. This was outwardly marked by frequent visits paid to each. In May agreements for the eventual. Bulgaria claimed. The exact future line of demarcation. In August the twenty-fifth anniversary of King Ferdinand's arrival in.

Bulgaria was celebrated with much rejoicing at the ancient capital of. Tirnovo, and was marred only by the news of the terrible massacre of. Bulgars by Turks at Kochana in Macedonia; this event, however, opportune. Later in the same month Count. Berchtold startled Europe with his 'progressive decentralization' scheme. The manner in which this event led to the final.

States is given in full elsewhere cf. The Bulgarian army was fully prepared for the fray, and the autumn. Mobilisation was. On October 8 Montenegro declared war on. On October 13 Bulgaria, with the other Balkan States, replied to. On October Turkey, encouraged by the sudden and unexpected conclusion of peace with. Italy after the Libyan war, declared war on Bulgaria and Serbia, and on. October 18 King Ferdinand addressed a sentimental exhortation to his. The number of Turkish troops opposing the Bulgarians in Thrace was about. Turks to be the most important theatre of war, yet the proximity of the.

Bulgarian frontier to Constantinople made it necessary to retain a large. On October 19 the Bulgarians took the frontier. On October 24 they defeated the Turks at. Kirk-Kilisse or Lozengrad , further east. From October 28 to November 2. The defeat and. Turkish army were entrenched behind the impregnable lines of Chataldja,. The Bulgarian army, somewhat exhausted by this. Chataldja, an operation which could not fail to involve losses such as the. Bulgarian nation was scarcely in a position to bear, and on December 3 the. The negotiations conducted in London for two months.

These, for the Bulgarians, resolved themselves into the more. To their assistance Serbia, being able to. On March 26, , the. The Conference of London, which took place during the spring of that year,. This delimitation would have given. Bulgaria possession of Adrianople. But meanwhile Greece and especially. Serbia, which latter country had been compelled to withdraw from the. Adriatic coast by Austria, and was further precluded from ever returning.

In May a military convention. Bulgaria, outraged by this callous disregard of the. This second Balkan war, begun by Bulgaria during the night of June 30,. In order to defeat the Serbs and Greeks the south-eastern and. But the totally unforeseen. The Serbs were victorious, defeating the Bulgars in Macedonia,. Adrianople, and the Rumanian army, determined to see fair play before it. By the. By the terms of the Treaty of Bucarest, which was concluded on August 10,.

Macedonia, including a portion of the Aegean coast with the seaport of. Dedeagach, but it was forced to 'compensate' Rumania with a slice of its. Bulgaria , and it lost central Macedonia, a great part of which it would. On September 22,. In the fatal quarrel between Bulgaria and Serbia which caused the. July , and naturally left behind the bitterest feelings, it is.

Both Serbia and Bulgaria were. Sofia nor in Belgrade, but in Vicuna and Budapest. The Balkan League. Bulgaria and again placed Serbia at the mercy of the Dual Monarchy. Bulgarian people and its ambitious ruler should have retired to the remote. The manner of the arrival of the Slavs in the Balkan peninsula, of that of. The installation of the Slavs in the lands. In the second half of the seventh century the Bulgars settled. Slavs there, and from that time the nationality of the Slavs in the. These latter, split up into. Serbs or Serbians , Croats or Croatians , and Slovenes.

The Serbs, much. Serbia including Old Serbia and northern Macedonia , Montenegro, and most. Needless to say, none of these. Slovenes, whose language is closely akin to but not identical with Serbian. The Serbs and the Croats were, as regards race and language, originally. Serbo-Croatian race has always been divided into two.

It is only within. The movement originated in Serbia, the Serbs maintaining that they and the. Croats are one people because they speak the same language, and that. A very large. She received neither comfort nor support from her rigid parents, so she ran away. Sixteen years later, she's come back with her teenage daughter, hoping to make He'll keep her safe from harm The lonely widower--formerly a rancher--makes a perfect hunk of a bodyguard but leaves And secretary Mariah Harrington had often weathered his powerful fury as she stood between him and her boss, the mayor.

But when her son was kidnap Her shelter from the storm She'd been stranded by a snowstorm with nowhere to turn. The loner of the West clan had no FBI agent Ryan Burton spent his days investigating every sinister secret in the fog-shrouded village of Ra Inside, along with one of her company's handcrafted dolls, is a note: I don't need this anymore. I have my own. Annalise puts the package aside; she has enough on her mind.

There were whispers about Sawyer Bennett, locked up behind his estate's stone walls. The only chink in his armor--his mute daughter. But not even his wealth an Two years ago, Vanessa Abott's husband Jim, an up-and-coming artist, drowned himself in the Missouri River.

His body still hasn't been recovered. Now Vanessa has arranged for one last showing of her husband's brilliant, disturbing artwork. Critics ar The bodyguard's lethal attraction Trained to protect, Meredith West had always been self-sufficient. That is, until she discovered she had a stalker.

Suddenly, the tough, trained bodyguard was a damsel in distress--and too embarrassed to ask for h After a tough stint in New York City, Joshua West returned to Cotter Creek for peace and quiet and a job in the family bodyguard business. Only, his sleepy hometown wouldn't let him snooze. Not with a string of suspicious deaths For eight-year-old Molly Ridge, it began as an innocent game of hide-and-seek. Stranded with a rich man Talbot McCarthy was darkly sexy, enormously successful, and the only man who fired Elizabeth's passions. He was also her ex-husband's brother.

So powerful was the attraction between them that she had always avoided being Lynn White's vow: I'll never be used again. Her adoptive father had turned out to be a criminal -- and left her holding the bag. The FBI had used her to catch him. Now Lynn White was nobody's pawn.

She had a new life, close to Athena Academy and t Bodyguard Clay West wasn't happy about his latest assignment: protecting a movie star. But seven-year-old Gracie Bryant needed his help and he intended to keep the adorable kid safe. Her mother, Libby, was another story.

The drop-dead stunner made hi She thought the darkest part of her life was behind her… At the age of sixteen, Jessica Langford endured and escaped the grip of a serial killer who buried his victims alive. After overcoming this terrifying experience, she started her own rad Problem is, another hunter's already on the case An innocent blind date spins out of control when two young lovers find themselves locked in a deadly embrace, trying to outrun the dark impulses of a killer She was lucky to be alive Now Kate Sampson had to be on her guard every second. Professional bodyguard Zack West offered protection If he can't have her, no one can In just one perfect moment It's been a difficult winter, but for the first time since her husband's death Marissa feels a new strength.

Business at the gift shop is good, her two young children are slowly ad Just like she was a very real damsel in distress after her father's kingdom was overthrown and Who can Lynn White trust when the man who raised her, her trusted godfather, might be lying to her face? How does she know what's real when she's used her highly unusual skills to retrieve stolen valuables from places no one else could enter -- u She promised not to leave him. She lied A year ago, Juliette Monroe took her young son and fled from her violent husband with only the clothes on their backs--and the terrifying fear that he would find them.

A powerful man of seemingly limitl How many blondes does it take to bring the bad guys to justice? Only one, if you're talking about gutsy Cassandra Newton. She'd put worse criminals behind bars than the street thugs she now dealt with as a Kansas City cop. But her life as a secre Something that could help catch a dangerous serial killer. FBI agent Nick Mead had precious little time to convince the troubled Native American beauty that she could trust him with anything and that h Lone wolf Nate Leeman must have an iceberg in place of his heart But the only man who could keep proudly independent Tamara Greystone safe was brooding crime scene investigator Clay James, who insisted she do things his way if she wanted to see tomorrow.

Terrified by a crazed stalker, Riley Frazier had faced a similar situation nearly t Case OK Reckless endangerment of a single mother's sanity Investigating Officer: Breanna James Suspect: Adam Spencer, officer's next-door neighbor Background: From the moment she'd drawn her gun on him, Breanna knew he would be trouble Though she certainly never expected to come face-to-face with her estranged husband again, Claire McCane didn't have the luxury of recovering from the shock his presence caused. For another tremendous surprise awaited her. Even more troubling than Colette Carson didn't need a man in her life, but she wanted a baby more than anything.

So she headed to the local sperm bank to make her dream come true. Then handsome rancher Tanner Rothman arrived in town and turned Colette's secure world upside d Melanie Watters wanted a baby badly, so she proposed marriage to the most confirmed bachelor in town -- her best friend, Bailey Jenkins. In return for getting Melanie pregnant, frustrated pageant-judge Bai When Princess Samira Kamal found herself pregnant and abandoned, she faced shaming her family and threatening the peace between Tamir and neighboring Montebello Phoebe Jones blushed when sexy private investigator Kevin Cartwright uttered those words.

But when the handsome ex-cop explained she was one of four lost siblings he'd been hired to find, she nearly fainted hea Now Lilly Winstead was back, and he once again had to struggle with his u When Lana Ramirez came to him with an offer of marriage, Chance Reilly knew it was too good to be true.

He needed a wife to claim his rightful inherit Though he'd broken all the rules, he was coming to terms with the past and moving on with his future -- until he met temptin Johnna Delaney's hectic world stood still the moment she laid eyes on Jerrod McCain again -- and her heart instantly leapt into motion. He was back in tiny Inferno, Arizona, to request an impossible favor -- and to remind His mission?

Bound by honor and devoted to his country, dashing lieutenant Adam Sinclair readily agreed to help Princess Isabel Stanbury carry out her brilliant plan to rescue her father, the missing King Michael. But he hadn't counted on the feelings that accomp No one would meet Mark Delaney's eyes.

After a devastating brush with death, he had changed dramatically -- and done so with one purpose in mind. He had a killer to catch and could no longer trust his own family. But one woman da Unfortunately, he was her ex-husband's brother. So strong was the attraction that she'd not even been alone with him in nine ye Jack Coffey had sidestepped romance ever since he'd stopped believing in love. Then he tripped over a diaper-clad cupid and fell hard Now Jack had a broken leg -- and a heart that was in danger!

All he had to do But he knew her as Cecilia Webster. Just weeks ago, she'd had everything. Then came the tragedy that stole it all - along with her eyesight. The blindness was only temporary. So were her new name and stay in rura Caleb McMann embarked on the most emotional journey of his life, the search for the little girl who had received the ultimate gift - a new heart.

His daughter's heart. Hitting pay dirt, he temporarily moved next door to Erica Clemmons and her child, They'd waited for their wedding night And five years later Sherry Boyd still held fast to her virginity. But it seemed her former fiance, Clint Grahan, had not - the 'evidence' lay nestled against his broad chest He was older, jaded and far from the regal suitor his young charge deserved, but to protect the rebellious Princess Serena Wyndham 's virtue, royal bodyguard Gabriel Morgan made her his bride Only, Gabe hadn't realized the imp Now she was on her way to Mustang, Montana, to play wife for a week to the most unmarried man i His wrongful conviction had not only cost him his freedom, but also his sweetheart, Marissa Sawyer.

The mayor's daughter was the one person he'd thought he could count on -- and he If only he could forget the strange circumstances that had united him and his mystery baby. And she couldn't tell Cameron Gallagher the real reason why she and her daughter had come to his isolated ranch. Nor could she reveal that his probing midnight gaze made her tremble Cameron had For the man who walked back into Elena Richards' life had little in common with the cad who had mysteriously disappe Noreen Simmons couldn't believe her five-year-old was asking every eligible bachelor around to give his mother a baby!

She knew Billy needed a father figure, but this was taking things too far. Still, there was one i But suddenly the cynical ex-cop was faced with the miracle of life--and love. Now the new mom and top suspect in a murder case had to Tyler Sinclair knew he hadn't seen the last of Samantha Dark.


But what irritated him more than having to work together was that his new partner wasn't off-limits anymore--and suddenly, he was reconsidering his bachelor For Christmas, she wanted her family back For single mom Theresa Mathews, the Christmas holidays were extra special because of her son. And because in him she still held part of Sullivan -- the man she'd once loved. But now their child was missi Well, maybe not a tree, but there'd been plenty of times they'd snuck out their bedroom windows to share kisses in the cornfields.

That was five years ago. Before Frannie left for the Big A Their in-name-only marriage would serve as bait Belinda Connor in no way wanted to be a temporary wife - especially to Derek Walker, who'd sneaked back into her heart with the stealth of a thief. But when it became apparent someone wanted her dead Motive: To protect her son Everyone around Abby Connor believed she was guilty of killing her ex-husband. Now even she wasn't certain of her own innocence--or her sanity.

She'd lost chunks of time, botched simple tasks, misplaced things A t first Ann Carson thought the notes were a prank. Then came more sinister threats Ann dreaded the long, hot summer nights--until rugged policeman Clay Clinton beca Who fathered her baby? Seized by vise-like contractions, Colette Connor prayed she wouldn't deliver on the Connor ranch doorstep. With no recollection of who she was and how she got pregnant, she had nowhere else to turn.

Only the knowing eyes, t It began with a red helium balloon containing a note from a child desperate for a mommy--and siblings. Now, Mary is head over heels for single dad Jonathan Taylor and his daughter, Annie. How does she confide her secret, especially one that might jeo He'd always been her hero Years ago Shelby Longsford had sought comfort in Billy Royce's strong arms - but she regretted it ever since. Nobody knew better how cold his blood ran In one night he'd branded her his forever. Ever since her husband disappeared, Julianne Baker found herself missing him - despite their strained marriage.

She wanted to believe he would come home to her and their beautiful little girl. But when - and if - he did, would it Said her name was Colleen and that she was looking for someone named Sam Baker. Who was he? Her husband? Her Lover? Private eye Gideon Graves could smell a scandal a mile a way, I'm going to scare off any woman who comes within fifty feet of my dad Besides, I love those two little rascals--and love doesn't come so easily to me.

The cries came night after night, a child's anguished sobbing, echoing through the halls on the mansion that was Julie Kingsdon's legacy. And there was no possible explanation for them, except perhaps the haunted eyes of the man she shared this house He was only nine years old, but Danny knew what was best for his mom and dad.

That was why he'd asked for a trip to the Grand Canyon. So they could be together again. Like a real family He'd always believed he wasn't good enough to raise a child. But someone was She'd been the girl from the wrong side of the tracks; he'd been her knight in shining armor. But Greyson Blakemore had left Nikki Young to deal with the aftermath of their passionate summer romance all by herself.

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And Nik Frank Longford had watched the beautiful stranger pace the beach.