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The guy was a freak. What he could do with a ball just had to be seen to be believed. He is up there with Wally Lewis for mine as the best players I have seen play the game.

My Two Moms and Me by Michael Joosten | Books

The second point is a little more personal, but probably more relevant. Johns had come out at the launch of the book and made public his battle with depression. A condition which causes extreme mood swings, from frantic highs to the most depressing of lows. That is a part for sure, but its more about the two faces of Johns.

Can’t Place the Face

Joey Johns — the boisterous, fun loving, super talented footballer, and then Andrew Johns — the more reserved, insular and indeed self-doubting man away from the game. However it is interesting to note a couple of aspects of his life and how he copes with them. For starters, growing up in Newcastle as a superstar footballer gave Andrew, and his fellow Knights, seeming carte blanche of the town. Many times Johns would describe how he would wake up the morning after a big night and fear that that was the day his actions the previous night would catch up with him.

But it never seemed to. I got the impression that he in particular was given a lot of rope by the Newcastle public because of who he was. There was no accountability. This is, in my eyes, a significant factor in professional sport today. In all of the big stories we have seen come out in recent years, it is about players not being accountable. To themselves and to others. Be it with alcohol, drugs, women, gambling or whatever. But back to Johns and why are you reading this on a rugby blog site?

Well I think Johns somewhat transcends codes. But there are numerous links to rugby.

Book Review: “Andrew Johns – the two of me”

Obviously he looked at switching to the Waratahs, and he provides an interesting insight to that process. Interestingly however, it was Matt who was first very close to switching codes. Andrew comes across as having a genuine interest in the game, and I am sure he would have been sensational at it. But in the end, at that time of his career, with the injuries he had and subsequently had, I think it was the right decision by the ARU. I best cut this now, at risk of the review being longer than the book.

It also pairs beautifully with other Social Thinking books and games for that age range. When using You Are a Social Detective , the Superflex Curriculum and Social Thinking and Me in sequence, you have a scope and sequence of helping students learn about themselves and others, all while learning to self-regulate their own behavior. Social and emotional learning SEL is a concept of vital importance to the holistic functioning of an individual, and it is rapidly gaining attention in the field of education.

Social Thinking is a methodology that teaches the thinking skills required to adequately engage in SEL. The concepts and strategies that make up the Social Thinking Methodology help individuals develop the five core abilities that are at the heart of SEL: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making.

Learn more about SEL at www. Teaching social concepts should follow a natural sequence, from simple to complex, to support student learning. As with our products, this pathway is relevant to clinicians, educators, parents—anyone helping a person develop their social competencies.

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Social Thinking and Me Extras. Individual copies of the Kids' Guidebook may be purchased below. The thinksheets are available on a USB drive that comes with the book — adults can print as many thinksheets as needed from it.

Social Thinking and Me (two-book set)

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